College of Education Online Courses – Marketing

Response Deadline: 8/10/2022 03:00 PM (CT)

The College of Education at the University of Iowa (hereafter, The University / University) is seeking professional assistance in developing, marketing, recruiting and retaining students for selected online certificates and degree programs. In addition, it seeks expert advice on approaches for configuring and delivering online courses and programs using proven best practices.

University Background

The University of Iowa The University of Iowa is a broad-based public university of international stature. The University has 30,000 students and is recognized for its academic achievement, leadership in research, and its teaching hospital: the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. The University has an overall budget of $2.2 billion and employs approximately 14,000 full-time faculty and staff.

Scope of Services

The successful Supplier will work in partnership with the University and will be expected to fulfill the following scope of services, including but not limited to:

1. Developing and executing a marketing strategy to generate high-quality intent-driven applicants for current and future courses, programs and degrees.

2. Developing and executing an application and enrollment management process for students to apply to the College of Education’s online courses and programs. The process must be integrated with the University’s current student management system.

3. Managing student inquiries and the online application process.

4. Providing student retention services through enrollment management and engagement, in integration with the University’s current student management system. Reporting enrollment data and other relevant trends to the College of Education.

Project Proposal

Provide a proposal detailing the Supplier’s process to be used in providing the services described herein. The proposal should clearly indicate any major requirements that cannot be met by the Supplier, and highlight the major features of the proposal to assist the reader in determining generally how the qualifications of the Supplier and the proposal meets and exceeds the requirements proposed by the University.

Please include, at minimum, the following information in your Proposal:

Marketing and Recruiting

1. Document the Supplier’s expertise and capabilities in marketing online education programs. List all degree programs for which it has served as an online program management partner over the past five years and indicate whether it is still an active partner with each. List specific certificates and individual courses the Supplier has served as an online program management partner over the past five years. The Supplier should also provide concrete examples of prior/current successes. Any specific marketing initiatives anticipated for the University of Iowa and the College of Education should be identified and described.

2. Identify the specific services the Supplier will provide, including whether the services entail helping prospective students learn about the College of Education’s online course and program offerings, complete and submit applications, complete financial aid applications, register for class, and make payments to the University.

3. Identify any third parties that will be involved in the performance of these tasks, including any relationships with parties (school districts, publishers, etc.) that will contribute to successful marketing/enrollment initiatives.

4. Describe the Supplier’s plan for marketing and recruiting students both domestically and internationally. If appropriate, the plan should include any specific groups or markets on which it will focus to achieve desired enrollments. Indicate minimum enrollments financially viable (worth ongoing investment and support) after 18 months of active marketing.

Enrollment Management and Student Retention Services

1. Describe the services the Supplier will assist with enrollment management. Specific topics to be addressed include: applications, communications, academic calendar, payments and deadlines, and any University staff training to streamline the enrollment process for qualified students. 

2. Describe the process the Supplier will use to attract, recruit, and retain underrepresented students in graduate Page 5 of 12 pages Deadline: 8/10/2022 03:00 PM (CT) 17912 programs.

3. Describe the processes the Supplier will follow to ensure student retention and help re-engage students who have stopped or dropped out.

4. Describe the services the Supplier will provide to improve retention rates, graduation rates, and timely program completion.

5. Describe how the Supplier uses data to accomplish the aforementioned tasks.

Project Implementation and Technology 

1. Describe the Supplier’s capabilities to support UI’s Canvas Learning Management System.

2. Describe the Supplier’s capabilities to deliver content in other states and countries outside the United States.

3. Describe the Supplier’s processes for monitoring student progress in all stages of the enrollment process, including integration within the University’s IT systems, if required.

4. Describe data transfer processes needed to ensure effective student recruitment, enrollment and retention services.

5. Describe quality control processes to ensure a positive and successful beginning-to-end experience with the University.

Project Staffing

1. Provide an organizational staffing chart descriptive of the Supplier’s University of Iowa project team, including educational backgrounds and length of service.

2. Describe the Supplier’s expectations of the University regarding personnel support at all stages of the project.

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