Communications  and Marketing  Services RFP Issued In North Carolina

Mecklenburg  County, located in the  State  of North Carolina,  is  seeking  proposals  from  qualified vendors  to  provide  Communications  and  Marketing  Services  for  its  Public  Health  Department.  

Mecklenburg County, located in the State of North Carolina, is seeking Bids/Proposals from qualified vendors to provide/perform Communications and Marketing Services for Mecklenburg County Public Health. Award of a Contract may be made to multiple vendors on a competitive basis following the process, terms, and conditions as described in this Solicitation. Contract will be for a term of one (1) year, with option to renew for a minimum of one (1) additional year contingent upon available funds unless terminated earlier pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Contract. Vendors shall provide pricing based on the requirements. The proposed cost shall remain in effect for the duration of the Contract which includes the initial term and the additional optional one (1) year term.

Scope of Work

Mecklenburg County Public Health (MCPH) has received two federal grants both of which include strategies to develop and execute public health messaging and campaigns. In an effort to align these efforts and to best utilize funding, MCPH is seeking vendor(s) to help plan and implement this work.

• Plan and provide guidance for all communications.

• Maintain relationships to represent the interests of the Partnership and its affiliates.

• Draft internal and external communications.

• Work with MCPH leadership to provide guidance and communications strategies.

• Providing professional, effective communication services in both English and/or Spanish

• Producing quality graphic design and copywriting.

• Devising, implementing, and coordinating marketing campaigns and promotions.

• Developing, implementing, monitoring, and adjusting media strategies while working within a modest

budget to promote programs, events, and facilities.

• Coordinating with multiple parties to meet deadlines.

• Describe the Vendor’s approach to the project, including an overview of the proposed plan for completing activities identified.

• Provide a detailed work plan for completing project activities and producing project deliverables with specific action steps and a timetable for completion.

• Discuss the proposed organization’s structure for the project, the number and qualifications of personnel that the Vendor proposes to make available to complete the work, the manner in which they will be utilized, and how they will operate within the proposed organization structure; specify the amount of time each of the key personnel will commit to the project; provide resumes of key project staff, detailing their technical skills, experience, education, etc.; and identify all pertinent experience of personnel.

• Provide a URL link to your electronic portfolio of prior work for similar campaigns.

RFP  DUE  DATE: No later  than 2:00  PM  (EST)  on  Thursday,  April  7,  2022. Proposals are to be submitted electronically in MECKProcure on the date notated in the Schedule of Events.

Questions regarding the Solicitation must be submitted by the date noted in the Schedule of Events. • Email to

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