Community Building Platforms

Creating a community in today’s digital era is not an easy thing for companies to achieve. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, however. It only means companies have to use the right platforms and strategies to authentically connect with their audiences to develop those communities.

Hive Social

Launched in 2019, Hive Social currently counts about 2 million active users. This is a platform that operates in a similar way to Twitter, where users get to like and repost content while scrolling down their feeds. They can also use hashtags if they’re looking for specific audiences or content. The newsfeed on Hive Social is very simple, and there is no character or word limit when sharing content. That makes this platform a great way for companies to share more long-form content that’s not restricted like on other platforms. Businesses can also access a lot of customization features on Hive Social. Things like the profile picture are editable of course, but users can also change the background colors of their profiles. They can also synchronize their accounts to a music streaming platform like Spotify or Apple Music. Whenever another person visits the profile, they get to hear a select song or two. That means companies can connect with their audiences in a more authentic way. It makes Hive Social a great platform that’s easy to use where companies can create communities around their brands.


The voice and chat platform Discord has been around since 2015. It wasn’t that popular in the beginning, only reaching members of the gaming community. But the platform has exploded in popularity in the last few years since the pandemic started. The platform has over 300 million users that can join specific servers inside the platform. Anyone can create a server and start inviting people to join. Companies can use the platform, and it’s a server-creating feature to build strong and engaged communities. Within servers, users get to connect with their favorite content creators or talk about niche topics. Although there aren’t any native advertising capabilities on Discord, companies get to focus on authentic engagement with customers. This way, they can develop stronger relationships with the target audience and keep them coming back again and again.


Another popular platform that companies can use to develop communities is Tumblr. The microblogging platform was launched back in 2007. Despite its decline in popularity since then, more recently it’s become incredibly popular again. To the point where celebrities that decided to leave the platform at some point started returning. It’s a great platform for companies looking to share engaging content in various formats. It’s the go-to platform for many fan bases all over the world because the platform appeals to younger generations of users.

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