Companies That Prioritize Social Responsibility

Social responsibility of a business includes its obligations to protect the interests of society. Consumers are particular about how companies positively impact society, and to what extent they go beyond making profits. Corporate social responsibility or CSR has become a standard metric for companies in the past decade. and consumers insist that companies should also seek to benefit the broader community in which they exist. Social responsibility can help customers see a company as a positive force. The companies mentioned below prioritize social responsibility in a way that  attempts to solve  global community needs.

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s is a top-selling brand of organic and fair trade body care products in the US. They make socially and environmentally responsible products, and invest some of their profits in building and promoting social change. In the age of the pandemic, the soap market is extremely competitive. In spite of that, Dr Bronner’s soaps have managed to hold their own. Their supply chain is ethically and chemically clean, with efficient transportation and responsible packaging. They source their raw materials from local farmers who use regenerative organic practices that draw down atmospheric carbon. Their products are free of synthetic preservatives, and are never tested on animals.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen was founded in 2004 to reduce consumer-dependence on single-use plastic bottles. They use recycled steel for their water bottles, to extend the life of raw materials and reduce their environmental impact. The company also advocates for environmental sustainability as a member of ‘1% for the planet’. They host free filtered water stations at events, and are known for their staff’s dedicated volunteer efforts. They have also installed high-efficiency solar panels at their corporate office.

The Kapor Center

The Kapor Center is a social impact org that works to improve access to opportunity, participation, and influence in the United States for historically underrepresented communities. It does this through investments in information technology, and partnerships with nonprofits. They do pioneering work ranging from educational programs to community building.

Levi Strauss

In recent years, the company has committed to product longevity and less use of water. Their jeans are made of responsibly harvested fibers. They blend their material with Tencel Lyocell, which is made from sustainably harvested wood. They created the product tag in 2009, Care Tag for our Planet, which offers tips on how customers can best preserve their clothing and where to donate them. They use 100% post-consumer waste stock for their print materials, and they are currently working on a recycled denim coat hanger. The company also works alongside Cotton Inc. ‘s Blue Jeans Go Green to collect used clothing, and also sells restored vintage clothing to reduce their carbon footprint.


Brandless is a household goods company. Their products are created using recycled plastic. This relatively inexpensive brand does not compromise on quality. Their coffee and teas are all organic, and people involved in production are treated ethically and paid fairly. Their household cleaning supplies are sulfate-free. They also donate a meal to Feeding America with every order.

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