Connecticut Institute for Communities Issues Government Relations RFP

Connecticut Institute for Communities Issues Government Relations RFP

Connecticut Institute For Communities, Inc. (CIFC) invites proposals from qualified individuals or entities for the provision of state and local (but not federal) governmental relations consulting and lobbying services.

CIFC requires a reliable, professional, and qualified consulting entity to provide governmental relations consulting and legislative lobbying services to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Create and maintain high profile visibility of CIFC among Connecticut state and local legislators and policymakers.
  2. Educate state and local legislators and policymakers (both state and local) about the positive impact that CIFC has on health outcomes, health care costs, economic growth and overall community health.
  3. Educate state and local legislators and policymakers about the impact of proposed and pending legislation and regulations on the services CIFC provides the community, including access to primary health care services and early learning services in Connecticut.
  4. Impact the development and adoption of state and local legislation, regulations, policy and budgets that are favorable to CIFC.
  5. Provide input and advice to CIFC about strategies toward goals.


CIFC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community development corporation, established under the laws of Connecticut, serving the communities and low and moderate income families of Connecticut, with headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut. CIFC operates several programs, including Head Start/Early Head Start of Northern Fairfield County, the Greater Danbury Community Health Center (GDCHC) (a federally qualified health center), the Greater Norwalk Head Start Program, and a low-income housing cooperative, among other programs.

Scope of Work:

To achieve these objectives, the qualified consulting entity must generally provide services to include, the following:

  1. Assist CIFC in developing a state legislative agenda. The state agenda will be in response to identified opportunities and challenges in both the Connecticut legislative arena and overall state community development environment.
  2. Work in partnership with leadership from CIFC to develop strategies for the upcoming (2019) and subsequent state legislative sessions. Attend meetings monthly (may be via conference call) and other meetings as deemed appropriate by both parties (e.g., CIFC Board of Directors meetings).
  3. During the legislative session of the CT General Assembly, screen bills introduced to ascertain their effect on CIFC and its programs, monitor status of previously introduced bills for changes which may affect CIFC’s programs and prepare reports and submit legislative recommendations for CIFC.
  4. Establish and maintain contact with appropriate state legislators, legislative staff, Governor’s office staff and state and local agency leadership and staff.
  5. Actively lobby state and local legislation designated by CIFC.
  6. To the extent possible, work in coordination with lobbyists for organizations that share CIFC’s goals.
  7. Assist with drafting state and local legislation, including amendments, deemed necessary by the CIFC Board of Directors and as directed by the CIFC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and/or designee.
  8. Screen proposed state and local regulations to ascertain their effect on CIFC and its programs and monitor status of previously introduced regulations for changes which may affect CIFC and its programs.
  9. Assist CIFC with compliance with state ethics guidelines regarding lobbying including registration and reporting.

Due Date:

October 31st


Connecticut Institute For Communities, Inc.

Attn: Sabrina Ross, Administrative Coordinator

120 Main Street, 4th Floor

Danbury, CT 06810

Strong healthcare PR firms include W2O Group and 5WPR.

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