Connecticut Lottery Issues Advertising and Marketing RFP

Connecticut Lottery Corporation Issues Advertising and Marketing RFP

Purpose / Background:

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation (“CLC” or “Lottery”), a quasi-public agency with the mission of generating revenues for the State of Connecticut’s General Fund, issues this Request for Proposals (“RFP” or “Request”) to obtain Proposals from qualified agencies for non-exclusive advertising and integrated marketing services and responsible gaming initiatives for all CLC lottery products with the objective of maximizing contributions to the state’s general fund.

The CLC’s mission is to generate revenue for the state’s general fund with the highest standards of good public policy and social responsibility. Fiscal Year 2017 saw sales of approximately $1.22 billion and $330 million returned to the general fund. CLC products are sold statewide at approximately 2,900 lottery retail locations, from independent neighborhood shops to convenience stores, package stores to supermarkets, bars and restaurants, and other diverse distribution outlets. The CLC’s current retail product offerings include approximately 40 scratch games (where players remove a scratch-off coating from the ticket to determine instantly if they have won a prize) and 13 draw games (where players select a set of numbers to try and match in a drawing held later that day or week). Proposers are encouraged to visit the “About Us”, “Where the Money Goes”, and “Be a Retailer” sections of the CLC’s website to learn more about the Lottery’s business, mission, and vision. Proposers can also follow the CLC on Facebook and Instagram, or visit any Lottery retailer to keep abreast of the latest CLC promotions and events.

The CLC believes in, and actively supports, corporate responsibility initiatives that include responsible play awareness and education, support for small and minority-owned businesses, and being “green.” The CLC is an entrepreneurial, team-oriented organization, seeking like-minded business partners that will help further these priorities. Visit the “Corporate Responsibility” section of the CLC’s website to learn more about the Lottery’s commitment to these initiatives.

Through the alignment of product plans, marketing campaigns, and sales team efforts, the CLC has grown to be the 5th best performing lottery in the U.S. as measured by per capita sales. The CLC’s advertising and marketing goals include growing revenue, gaining new customers, and strengthening its brand. The CLC plans to launch several new initiatives over the next three years, some of which include an online player loyalty program, an internet lottery (iLottery) suite of games, a branding campaign, and a new player growth program. These initiatives will require an advertising agency partner that is engaged, enthusiastic, strategic, and skilled.

Scope of Work:

The advertising agency is responsible for the following:

  1. Sharing responsibility for planning, coordinating, integrating, and executing the CLC’s annual advertising and marketing plan.
  2. Assisting in overall marketing analysis, strategy development, and position of the CLC and its products.
  3. At the CLC’s direction, facilitating collaboration among CLC staff, multi-cultural advertising agencies, and other marketing contractors to provide integration of advertising and marketing plans.
  4. Creating and producing marketing and advertising supporting the CLC’s new and existing products and programs.
  5. Developing media plans and purchasing television, radio, print, outdoor, digital, social, and any new media vehicle that assists in marketing CLC products.
  6. Developing digital media strategies including robust social media and search engine strategy and digital media negotiation, buying, and placement.
  7. Providing assistance with long-range marketing plans and specialized programs.
  8. Providing timely post-buy analysis of all media buys.
  9. Developing, designing, and producing in-store communications.

Providing staff attendance at regular marketing meetings at the CLC. The advertising agency may be required to:

  1. Provide Public Relations programs integrating media relations, crisis communications, and cross- cultural outreach.
  2. Develop, manage, and facilitate CLC market research studies.

Due Date:

January 9th


Connecticut Lottery Corporation
777 Brook Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3403

PR Agencies with lottery experience include Finn Partners and Cohn & Wolfe.

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