Contemporary PR Strategies with J Public Relations

The international social media, luxury PR, and influencer management company J Public Relations was founded in 2005 and has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and London. The agency specializes in luxury lifestyle, travel, and hospitality brands, and is a trusted leader in brand strategy, partnerships, digital strategy, media, and influencer relations for clients.

This is an agency that has pioneered influencer relations and social media platforms, through its services. J Public Relations provides audits, analytics, and strategic planning for clients that are looking to create social media or influencer campaigns. Through personalized plans for campaigns, the agency can help its clients achieve and exceed the desired results that improve a company’s bottom line.

Next, the agency also offers photography, content creation, video content, and community management services, as well as contest creation, and implementation services. These types of services are best utilized for companies that are looking to expand their social reach through thought leadership as well as attention-grabbing content that will engage the target audience. Additionally, through the contest creation and implementation services, companies can attract more attention from audiences and reach new consumers.

J Public Relations also offers platform creation and launch services, for brands and corporations that are looking to introduce a brand new product or service, or for companies that are looking to re-engage audiences. Through this service, companies will be able to receive more media coverage and generally get more buzz around a brand new launch through various engaging and attention-grabbing strategies.

Then, the agency can also provide training for both in-house teams as well as executives for expanding businesses. When companies start expanding, there isn’t always enough time to prepare the new team members to take over new positions in the workplace, which can result in slowing down the growth of a company. To avoid that issue, companies can work with J Public Relations and get help in training new team members and executives, so that they’ll be fully prepared to take on new roles or tasks.

Finally, J Public Relations also offers influencer campaigns, as well as engagement and trips services for companies that are looking to work with influencers in their promotional campaigns. The influencer marketing industry has skyrocketed in popularity, and there are more influencers than ever across many industries. That means companies in practically any industry can tap into this beneficial promotional source, and work with people whose values align with the company’s own because that’s what the agency looks for when putting influencers and brands together.

A number of clients across industries such as well-being, health, lifestyle, retail, real estate, hospitality, travel, innovation, sustainability, as well as destination marketing have worked with the agency. The client list includes, but is not limited to companies such as Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Nirvana Food and Wine, Visual Communications Company, The Whitney Hotel Boston, The Spa at Adare Manor, and many more.

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