Why Hire a Copywriter to Write Your Press Release

typewriterWhen it comes to spreading your message, there’s nothing quite like a press release. More and more companies today are turning to press releases as part of their marketing strategies—using them to pitch information to media outlets, encourage feature stories and grab the attention of larger audiences. But once you see the benefits of press releases, what’s next? Do you start writing them, or should you hire a professional?


Why hiring a copywriter makes sense

When you hire a professional writer for your press releases, you reap a variety of important benefits. You can syndicate more effective content on a more regular basis, your message comes across more professionally, you’re freed up to focus on other projects, you gain greater exposure and more.

Better Quality

A good copywriter will be adept at crafting professional content about even obscure topics—and for B2B companies, this is key. It’s one thing to know you want a press release about your services; it’s another to build a well-thought-out and search-optimized piece on how you’re now offering cheap gloves in bulk. Professional copywriters make their livings by putting ideas into paragraphs that communicate specific messages, so they’re that much more qualified to help you get your ideas across.

Better Results

When a press release is written well, it’s interesting and relevant to the audience you’re targeting, which makes it more likely to be shared and spread. Copywriters can optimize a press release with appropriate keywords that will make it easy to be found by people looking for your services.

More Time

This is a big one. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, there are probably a million things you’d rather be doing than worrying about coming up with new ways to create press releases about the credit card processing restaurants need and your company provides. By hiring a copywriter, you take this burden off your shoulders and free up some time to focus on what you do best: run your business.

More Links

As part of your overall strategy, press releases have a lot to offer in terms of link building. They provide one-way links from quality sites, links from sites that find out about you via the press release and links from relevant directors that pick up and redistribute press releases. More links add up to better search rankings and greater exposure, both of which are incredibly valuable for boosting your online presence.



How to find a good copywriter

Once you realize the benefits of hiring someone to write your press releases, how do you find the right writer? There are many people who will over promise and under deliver, so how can you be sure of what you’ll get? Here are a few tips!

Look at Past Work

You wouldn’t buy a used car without test-driving it or hire a home builder without looking at his houses, right? It’s the same for writers. Ask to see press releases they’ve written before to get a sense of their style and tone—or at the very least, look through their portfolio of other writing. This should give you the confidence to move forward with a writer you can trust.

Ask for Recommendations

Established writers will be able to produce recommendations from satisfied clients, so ask for them. Keep in mind it’s not only writing that matters but professionalism, follow-through and communication.

Go with an Established Marketing Firm

For many businesses, the best and fastest option for getting their press releases written is to go through an established Internet marketing firm that specializes in such work. If you’re already doing your other online marketing with such a company, they may be your best bet, especially as press releases could be lumped in with your overall plan and strategies.

What are your thoughts? Could hiring a professional writer make press releases a simpler and more effective tool for your company? Have you been writing your own press releases, or do you already use copywriters—what’s your experience been like?

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