Cost-effective Marketing Efforts for Small Businesses

Every company needs to invest in promotional efforts to be able to reach the target audience. However, for small businesses, this tends to be a bit difficult because not all of them are able to create big marketing campaigns. Fortunately, there are a few marketing efforts that any company can use, regardless of the size of their marketing budget.

Affiliate marketing

This performance-based marketing strategy, called affiliate marketing, is when a company rewards anyone that promotes the company or its solutions for any new customer, or even a website visitor that is brought in by that person’s promotional efforts. When used the right way, affiliate marketing efforts can help companies market their solutions in digital spaces and generate more sales, and website traffic, increase their reach, improve search engine ranking, and potentially create a viral marketing campaign. That’s why it’s important for companies to have an affiliate program in many cases. After all, the only thing the company actually pays for is the referrals that actually did end up purchasing from the business, which means any acquisition cost associated with that is going to be a lot lower. In this strategy, companies need to provide the affiliated person with a commission because they manage to bring in a customer. It’s important to remember the company should have clear rules outlined in the affiliate programs to prevent any potential confusion. For example, if a company wants to reward its affiliates based on the amount that the customer that they brought in manages to purchase, that should be detailed in the program itself. That’s why plenty of companies tend to give their affiliates a specific monetary reward, such as $20 for each customer they bring in that makes the minimum spend threshold so they can qualify for that commission.


Another great cost-effective marketing strategy that has helped plenty of companies to build up their brands and promote their products or services without having to invest a lot in paid promotional efforts is developing a community around a company. This community tends to be digital and is comprised of people that enjoy the company’s solutions, and it’s a place where they can connect and talk about their experience with the company or the products or services that they have purchased in an environment that’s going to be helpful both for the company, as well as to other potential customers. The main reason why this strategy is so helpful to the company itself is simply because of the fact that the company can listen in on how these customers perceive the business and the solutions, and then adjust the branding, or the solutions accordingly, and improve them in the future. Developing a digital community is also a great way for companies to promote both their existing solutions, as well as any new solutions in the future. In fact, companies can also take advantage of having a community by organizing focus groups where they will be able to test out any new solutions before they are brought to the market for the rest of the target audience.

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