COUNTY OF ESSEX, NEW JERSEY Advertising Consultant Services for Essex County Executive


CONTACT PERSON: Office of Purchasing/TJ

Fax#: 973-621-5109

Advertising Consultant for the Office of Essex County Executive

The Office of the Essex County Executive is interested in obtaining proposals from an advertising consultant to assist the Office in the purchase and placement of display advertisements with print, television, radio, digital, on-line, billboards and other media outlets. (This does not include public notice advertising.)


The consultant will work with the Director of Public Information (or their designee) to place

advertisements with various media outlets, including, but not limited to, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, digital and on-line media outlets, social media platforms, billboards and other areas.

The consultant can suggest advertising options to optimize outreach, but it is the Director of Public Information, or their designee, who will make the final decision.

The consultant will be responsible for placing all advertising and paying for the cost of advertising; these expenses will be reimbursed by Essex County.

The consultant will be paid on a “commission” basis for the ads that are placed.

Reimbursement by the County will be done on a monthly basis. To receive reimbursement, the consultant shall provide a detailed summary of the media outlets where advertising was purchased, the dates the ads ran, the cost of each ad and their commission.

The consultant will provide a monthly report to the Director of Public Information (or their designee) to demonstrate the effectiveness of the advertising. This would include the circulation for print media, impressions or click through rates for on-line and digital media, etc. The report also should include any negotiated discounts for advertising rates.


The consultant should have at least five (5) years of experience in marketing, advertising or other related fields.

The consultant should provide a list of the municipalities, counties, states, government agencies and boards of education for which they have performed work. If none, please write N/A in your response.

The consultant should provide a list of at least five (5) past clients/references, programs, or campaigns for which they have purchased advertising and explain their role with those past clients, programs, or campaigns as well as what advertising was purchased.

The consultant should provide a list of the media outlets where they have purchased advertising in the past.

The consultant should provide a sample list of the media outlets with which they recommend Essex County to advertise.

The consultant shall provide a commission rate, which will be based on the percentage of the cost of the ads placed.

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