County of Somerset New Jersey NOTICE OF RFP Professional and Exempt Services Consultant for Media/Advertising Services for Somerset County Public Information Office

Submission Date and Time: June 18, 2024 at 3:30 P.M.



Purchasing Agent

PHONE: (908) 231-7043

Fax: (908) 575-3917

Clearly mark the submittal package with the title of this RFP and the name of the responding firm,

addressed to the Purchasing Agent. The original proposal shall be signed in ink and marked to

distinguish it from the three (3) copies. Faxed or emailed proposals will NOT be accepted.

Only those RFP responses received prior to or on the submission date and time will be considered.

Responses delivered before the submission date and time specified above may be withdrawn upon

written application of the respondent who shall be required to produce evidence showing that the

individual is or represents the principal or principals involved in the proposal. After the submission

date and time specified above, responses must remain firm for the year 2024-2025.

3. Scope of Work

3.1 Intent:

3.1.1 Somerset County Public Information Office is soliciting responses from qualified media/advertising firms for consulting services for the planning and management of targeted advertising campaigns for a twelve-month period to inform residents of county programs, events, public health and safety, and other important Somerset County programs, services, and events.

3.1.2 Media/Advertising services intended to support Somerset County under this contract will consist of but are not limited to:

• Designing advertisements for use on local or regional digital media platforms, online news sites,

and social media accounts according to the objectives provided for each project identified by

the Somerset County Public Information Office for Somerset County and affiliated agencies such

as the Somerset County Park Commission.

• Strategically buy advertisements on digital platforms that best reach the intended resident/

targeted populations for each project, within the available budget.

• Utilizing direct mail, billboards, transit shelters or other types of public displays for campaigns

as needed.

• Measuring and reporting the impact of each campaign through digital impressions,

engagements, click-throughs, or actions taken, as appropriate for each project.

3.2 Scope of Services:

3.2.1 The services to be provided include, but are not limited to the following:

• Planning of at a minimum one discrete ad campaign per month, about half of which will be run

via “boosts” on social media pages which shall include but not be limited to Facebook,

Instagram, and LinkedIn.

• Development of advertising creative executions appropriate to various digital platforms.

• Direct purchase of digital media.

• Monthly reporting of campaign results regarding engagements, reach, awareness, follower

growth, website traffic, conversions (as appropriate), and other metrics as determined in

consultation with the Somerset County Public Information Office in a presentation-style report

delivered electronically (PowerPoint or PPT converted to PDF).

3.2.2 Drafts of all advertising materials shall be submitted to Somerset County Public Information Office for review and editorial corrections before becoming final product. Any errors as identified by the Somerset County Public Information Office shall be corrected and this may require multiple rounds of edits. All final products and content created are the property of Somerset County.

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