Creating Blog Posts

2022-01-24 by EPR Staff

Sometimes it might look like content writers can become magicians overnight, simply because they’re able to create great blog posts out of nothing. But that’s not quite the case, because content writers study a lot, and they practice very specific behaviors until they are able to create content that seems like they’re making something out of nothing. The same is true for all people in creative industries.  They study and practice their craft, and consistently improve at what they do in order to reach a consistent output. One of the most difficult steps in creating a blog is writing the first post. But there’s a way to get over that hurdle, and that’s through consistency.

Topic Ideas

The first step in creating any sort of blog post is for the writer to sit down and write every idea that comes across their mind. Every idea or thought that comes up during this process can be turned into a blog post at a later date, and this step in particular helps content writers get a better idea of what they should  focus on in the future. While brainstorming, content writers can focus on a specific subject or a general theme for the content they want to create. It’s also important to capture every one of these ideas. Even ideas that sound boring or silly should be written down, because the more ideas that are written down, the more are going to be generated in the future.

Writing Time

The next step in the process of creating a blog is to create the conditions that will help the content writer do their best work. That means generally getting away from any interruptions or distractions, setting up the preferred equipment, and creating a schedule. One of the most important elements of creating blog posts consistently is to schedule a time to do so every day. Having a contact calendar in place helps content writers to stay consistent in developing their writing habits without having to worry about their next deadline . That’s why it’s so beneficial to set aside a specific time every day when a content writer can write down whatever they want to say on a particular subject, whether or not it makes sense.


Once the first blog post has been written down, it’s time to edit that first draft into a great blog post. Anyone that knows how to create a good blog post is also a great editor, which means they’re able to move sentences, words, and paragraphs around to create the most powerful content for the readers. During the editing process, it’s important to read the piece out loud so that any random tangents or odd word choices jump out. Each blog post should go through several editing sessions, but it is important to take a break in between each session, and then to come back to it with fresh eyes.