Creating Memorable Brands

It’s important for companies to develop memorable and meaningful brands to be able to develop more valuable relationships with their target audiences. These days, it’s no longer enough for companies to simply market themselves and their solutions because companies have to start including social good initiatives in their branding to make the customers care. Social initiatives should always be closely aligned with the core purpose of the company, instead of being used as simply part of the company’s promotion to be able to truly make a difference with consumers because consumers are able to tell the difference.


The best way for companies to create a memorable brand is by approaching the meaning that they are trying to create with more empathy. The most meaningful brands begin as a collection of expectations that weren’t met and a lot of frustration and feelings of helplessness, and when companies are able to figure out different ways they can meet those expectations and make the lives of the people that they are targeting a lot easier on a daily basis, they will be able to create a lot more meaning for their brand. Instead of simply looking at all of the benefits and features that the company can provide its customers with through its solutions, it’s important for companies to figure out and truly care about the difference that they can make in the lives of their customers or even communities.


One of the simplest ways for companies to become more memorable and meaningful to their customers is by creating high-quality content that’s going to resonate with the target audience. Most customers these days expect companies to create inspirational and educational content, and companies that don’t create any sort of content end up falling behind and losing their market position. However, not enough companies are able to create and distribute content that’s actually thoughtful and takes the target audience into consideration, and plenty of customers have started taking note of this lack of content. In fact, according to research, most customers wouldn’t bat an eye if the companies that they rely on on a daily basis simply disappeared, however, over 70% of those same customers will care about a company if that company has shown to be thoughtful. That means companies have to take the values, feelings, and thoughts of the target audience into consideration, and even the other stakeholders that they have such as their employees. That means the goal isn’t to simply create content for the sake of having content for the audience. Companies will have to start creating content that’s going to entertain, inspire, inform, and reward the target audience to showcase how it’s able to stand out from the rest of the market competitors and become truly  memorable with its customers.

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