How to Become a Creative Genius

sefi shaked

There’s a truth we need to acknowledge to begin. Being creative could be defined as being willing to think outside the box or color outside the lines. It could include those who stay inside the lines but use colors that don’t conform to a more literal view of the world around us. That is pretty much the true definition of being creative.

If you want to amp up your creativity, you are going to have to change your way of thinking. It is possible, but you’ll have to unlearn some lessons and actively pursue other ones. Here are some ways that should help boost your creative thinking:

• Read, read, and read some more.

• Ask questions internally and externally. Ask a lot of them. Become annoying about it and look for the answers.

• Keep a notebook or app handy where you can record random thoughts.

• Turn every day into an adventure by creating new experiences.

• Consider what you would talk about with some of the great thinkers of all time. And then have that conversation in your mind.

• Become addicted to riddles and brain teasers that force you to think beyond the usual answers.

Looking at new ways to market using perspectives no one else has thought of and then fearlessly enters the fray – is a way to hone in on gaining market dominance through creativity.

If you want to start thinking more creatively, start with the questions. Read an article and think of a question for at least every paragraph of the article, something related to the article, but tangential. Take one aspect discussed and ask yourself, how that might be applied in a different way or in another culture. That’s a good place to begin your quest.

Or just hire an established creative genius with the track record to match.

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