Day One: Communications PR Firm

With offices in both Los Angeles and New York, Day One is a full-service creative communications agency that was founded in 2014. The goal was to stop people during the daily scroll through the newsfeeds with stories that stand out.

With an agency full of people with fresh perspectives and positive energy, the team tries to bring enthusiasm and energy to every client’s campaign. The aim of each campaign is to earn a place in conversations around the world, using breakthrough creative ideas. In a digital world where people refuse to stand still and are constantly on the move, campaigns have to be designed in ways where they can come across as unified over different communications channels. That’s why this agency takes advantage of attractive new ideas and tools to find excellent ways to engage target audiences on all platforms.

The driving idea behind Day One is to help brands and corporations create stories that people can share and content they can connect and engage with. The secondary goal is to influence target audiences across communication channels. Day One has extensive experience in community management and measurement, branded content, social media strategy, traditional media relations, and influencer marketing. The agency works with companies who are looking to create and distribute brand messages that are going to connect and resonate with the target audience.

Day One takes all the best aspects of traditional public relations, mixes them with creative and digital marketing and uses those techniques, creating stories that break through the media noise, to connect with audiences. In an age where more and more companies are finding it difficult to break through the crowd, Day One has begun to look for innovative and worthy stories that are going to drive conversations, resonate, and convert into consumers.

The agency has different services and areas of expertise to offer to clients. These include creative support, where clients can receive concept development, editing and post-production, front end development, photo and video production and similar creative services that relate to content creation for client’s campaigns.

Day One’s communication services provide clients with leadership, media training, narrative development, communications planning, as well as media relations. Campaigns depend largely on this information to achieve the result that the company is looking for. Day One also provides social media services, for clients that are looking for content strategy and planning, channel strategy, community management, as well as measurement and analytics, to create social media strategies and campaigns that are efficient, successful and measurable.

Through the agency’s branding services, companies get brand development and positioning, while with activation services, businesses can receive event oversight and execution. Through the influencer expertise at Day One, brands can work with the best influencers in the business niche.

Plenty of brands and corporations have taken advantage of these services and worked with Day One on a variety of campaigns, such as AMEX, Comcast, Chipotle, Motorola, Facebook, Nike, H&M, and others.

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