Due Date: 4:00 P.M. ON THE 11TH DAY OF JANUARY 2023


The contractor will work in collaboration with ACVS to support the County hospitality industry’s economic recovery from the COVID pandemic and the resulting negative economic effects. The top priority of the County’s spending plan will be to drive overnight hotel stays and associated visitor spending at local businesses. Activities supporting this priority will simultaneously result in a new, research-based destination management, marketing and sales infrastructure that will position County hospitality for longterm economic success that will benefit the County and the Commonwealth.

The budget for all ARPA services, which must be allocated by December 31, 2023, and spent by June 30, 2024, is approximately $2.5 million, including all paid media.

The Contractor may be required to provide any of the following services:

A. Media Strategy, Management, Implementation & Paid Media

• Develop and present ideas for a fully integrated, multi-channel, cross-device media strategy to drive awareness, consideration, and conversion among target audiences (including meeting/group planners, leisure travelers and corporate/government transient travelers).

• Upon approval of the final media strategy, create project timelines, traffic media, monitor campaigns from planning through execution, optimize existing campaigns, research new opportunities and present ideas for in-campaign adjustment.

• Subject to County review and approval, place media buys and sign media vendor insertion orders.

• Collect and pay vendor invoices.

• Provide detailed ongoing and end-of-campaign reporting.

• Work with ACVS’s contracted creative services vendor to ensure that campaign deliverables are executed according to the approved media strategy.

• Provide account management services, including regular (at least weekly) email communications with the ACVS project manager, monthly virtual or in-person meetings with the ACVS team, and

a written monthly summary report on the status of all campaigns and projects.

B. Public Relations

• Develop and implement a public relations plan focused on pandemic recovery and provide ongoing services throughout the grant period. Activities will include but are not limited to: news releases, pitching (themes, accolades, events, etc.), hosting of media/influencer familiarization visits, desk-side journalist briefings, inquiry responses, earned-media reporting and cultivation of journalist/influencer relationships.

• Collaborate with ACVS to establish and apply a PR/communications measurement and scoring system based on the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication’s (AMEC) Barcelona Principles and Destinations International’s Public Relations Measurement Guidelines Handbook for Destination Organizations.

C. Content Development Assist ACVS with content development. Possible areas of content development include, but are not limited to: research and writing for e-newsletters, blogs, website, visitor publications, sales collateral, social media, and stakeholder communications.

D. Market Research

• Assist ACVS with market research projects to inform and optimize marketing and sales investments based on accurate market segmentation, personas and targeting approaches, such as trip purpose, geography, interests, spending history and other factors.

• Other market research projects to-be-determined may include one or more of the following: visitor and/or meeting planner profiles; creative/campaign evaluation; traveler perceptions; visit data such as length of stay, travel party size, repeat visitation; brand lift of advertising; economic impact and return-on-investment.

E. Digital Asset Management, Photography & Videography

Assist ACVS with coordination of photography and videography shoots as laid out in the digital asset plan, which will be provided by ACVS. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: hiring and management of the photographer/videographer, coordinating location scouting with ACVS staff, managing day-of shoot logistics, hiring talent, securing usage rights, and ensuring ACVS receives all contracted assets.

F. Other Possible Support

• Assist ACVS with identifying and supporting local and regional special events that have demonstrated the potential to generate overnight hotel stays in the County. ACVS will promote these events in collaboration with the County’s six Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and neighborhood partnerships.

• Provide graphic design support for existing campaigns.

• Provide marketing support for new programs.

• Develop additional communication vehicles.

• Support ACVS participation in trade-show sales missions, including development of profile sheets, presentations, displays and/or other tools.

• Publication development and print/digital advertising sales management.

• Any additional related services.

For each specific task under the resulting contract, the County will issue a request for a quote with a scope of work. The contractor shall then submit a cost proposal, including reimbursable expenses and an estimate of hours required to complete the task in accordance with the hourly rates established in the contract. The County may negotiate scope, hours, and reimbursable expenses for each task.

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