Development and Implementation Hotel Marketing Campaign

Due date: Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 2:00 P.M

The Village of Oak Brook is seeking a marketing consultant or agency that can:

• demonstrate a clear understanding of the hotel industry, particularly as it relates to upscale suburban areas

• demonstrate knowledge of the hotel market and related economic impacts

• develop and implement an effective marketing campaign that concentrates on the benefits of staying in Oak Brook without breaching the proprietary interests of any specific hotel chain

• demonstrate creativity in design 

• demonstrate the ability to plan strategically for future campaigns

• demonstrate cost effectiveness in its pricing and fee structure

• explain the finding allocations, where does it make sense to spend the funds, such as in digital, television, social media, billboards, magazines, etc., and in what percentages

• demonstrate a means or plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing campaign

• demonstrate a means to report monthly analytics to the Village

• demonstrate the ability to respond with flexibility to meet the sifting needs of the Village’s Hotel Committee j:\worddoc\rfp\2023 rfp\2023 hotel marketing.doc

• demonstrate the ability to work within the constraints inherent in the expenditure of public funds and accountability to publicly formed boards and committees.

• Manage/update existing website content and implement new content to support marketing campaign

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