DeVries Global: Agency Profile

DeVries Global is a communications agency founded in 1978, with headquarters in New York, and offices in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Singapore. This is an agency with a strong commitment to the clients’ success.

DeVries Global has combined this client-centric culture with its global footprint, and in the 40 years since it was founded, has quickly become a sought-after agency for many brands and corporations. The main goal of this agency is to create distinction while eliminating sameness for the clients, and make each client stand out from the crowd within their respective industry. This way, the business will have its own voice within the industry and will draw the public to its convictions.

The agency is a cultural leader, and it became one by being present in all of the hotspots of culture all over the world, while also sharing that presence in the digital sphere. This way, DeVries Global can perpetually be at the cutting edge of all new trends and developments, as well as values. This is an agency that aggressively embraces its own philosophy, which is grounded in the fact that most of the public is not interested in the vast amount of brands, corporations, products, and services that are offered to them – which is why the agency works with its clients in ways that they can distinguish their business from the rest of the crowd.

DeVries Global offers its clients a variety of different services that will help them grow and bring them closer to the public and their consumers, including media relations and events, where the agency has strong connections with reporters and journalists and gives them the right pitches to get the best possible placements for clients; social strategy and content, which involves crafting content with the right narrative and targeted messages, delivered through the right social channels for target audiences.

The agency also provides its clients brand experiences and brand positioning services to really make the business distinctive from its competitors; digital strategy and innovation, so that the clients can make wise choices in order to be able to maximize their competitive advantages, profits and values, as well as growth.

The agency has a longstanding heritage of excellence in the consumer marketing and communication industry, and has worked with a number of respected clients across many fields, including beauty, fashion, consumer packaged goods, retail, spirits, and travel. Some of the notable brands that have worked with DeVries Global include Pepsico, Zippo, Huda Beauty, Walgreens Boots Alliance, IHOP, Sephora, 7Up, Audi, and Samsung.

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