Diamonds International Beware: More Rough than Diamond

Diamonds International Beware: More Rough than Diamond

What could be better than a jewelry company that offers its customers diamonds and precious metals at a fraction of their retail price? On the surface, Diamonds International seems to be a dream come true for people in search of sparkle and glamor. Unfortunately, as countless customers have found out, the business is actually infamous for its ability to scam hard-working people out of their money. Ultimately, though there are a handful of people out there who claim they’ve have good experiences with Diamonds International – the vast majority think the company is very untrustworthy. A cursory search online shows that many people think Diamonds International is a scam.

Cheap Jewelry at a High Price

One of the biggest issues that customers have with Diamonds International, is that they say that jewelry they get is rarely worth the amount they paid for it. One customer from New Jersey wrote on TripAdvisor about how they bought a Tanzanite and Opal Ring which immediately lost its stones after two months of wear. The consumer called an 1800 number which had no-one on the other end to answer their questions or resolve the issue. Even after they went on another cruise and attempted to address the problem with a live agent, the issue remained unsettled. Another customer on tripadvisor noted that they bought a large and loose diamond at Diamonds International, with the help of their “cruise director” who claimed that he would help them to get the best possible price. When the customer arrived home and had the stone appraised, they discovered that they’d paid at least $4,000 more than it was worth.

Poor Quality, Even Worse Customer Service

It’s not just the terrible quality of the jewelry that leaves customers feeling distressed by Diamonds International. According to many customers reviewing the business, the brand also has a problem with living up to the terms and conditions stated on their receipts. Though many Diamonds International sales receipts come with a note on the back that state customers can receive store credit on any item purchased within thirty days of their purchase, this is something they seem to have issues with. One woman, Kathy Hoffarth, claimed that she was pushed into purchasing diamonds she didn’t want during her cruise because of the poor customer service.

During a Royal Caribbean cruise, Kathy purchased a $16,000 stone from the Diamonds International store. She discovered that the stone wasn’t nearly as high-quality as she thought when looking at it in different lighting and attempted to get a refund. Unfortunately, Kathy claims that she was only able to leave the store with something other than the original gem if she agreed to buy an item of greater value for even more money.

Avoid Diamonds International

Although some people claim that Kathy should have considered her purchase more carefully, it’s the responsibility of any business to serve their customers fairly. As countless reviews go to show, Diamonds International don’t have a good history for doing this. One customer even reported that they lost their job during a cruise and discovered they weren’t able to pay for a stone they’d agreed to buy. Although the customer followed the returns policy on the sales receipt, they were told that they would have to deal with the company after they returned home to New York. Once they got to shore, the customer was told they’d have to pay a $5,000 restocking fee, even though they could have returned the item in person themselves.

The consensus which we seem to have from online research is to recommend people avoid Diamonds International.  Why doesn’t this company care about their brand and what people perceive of them online?

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