Diffusion PR: PR Agency Profile

Founded in 2008, Diffusion PR has offices in London and New York, and an extensive network of partners, the award-winning agency has mastered creativity across social and traditional media to deliver empowering, engaging, and persuasive campaigns.

Who Founded Diffusion PR

Ivan Ristic and Daljit Bhvrji founded Diffusion PR in London.

Ristic brings a wealth of knowledge after working with several leading brands. Some brands in his portfolio include CNN.com, the Financial Times, CNBC, and Metro. At the same time, Ristic secured a position in PR Week’s Top 50 innovators in America’s PR industry.

Daljit brought more than 20 years of PR experience. Having advised leading brands and political organizations around the globe, Diffusion’s CEO is passionate about delivering value by fostering collaboration across marketing, communication R&D, and sales departments. Discovering and nurturing talent is a rewarding part of his role. The CEO & Cofounder has worked with brands in the consumer, travel, and communication sectors.

Notable Awards

Being an impactful agency, it has won plenty of awards. In 2019, Diffusion PR received recognition by the Big Apple Awards in three categories – “spotlight: video”, “Events & Observances” and “Best Partnership.” The agency also received honorary mentions in the marketing Consumer Services, Technology category. 

What’s more, Sarah Katz, Diffusion PR’s chief of staff, secured an award under the “Exceptionals Under 35” category.

In 2018, Diffusion PR won the PRSA-NY 2018 Big Apple Award. Worth noting, the award was in the marketing business-to-business category for businesses with a budget of $150,000 or less.

Back in 2017, Kate Ryan, Diffusion PR’s Managing director, USA division, won a silver award in the Bulldog Reporter’s 2017 Stars of PR Awards. The award was under the “PR Rising Star” category.

To add: the Daljit-led PR agency won a Gold Sabre Award under the consumer marketing (new product) category. 

Diffusion PR’s Cons

Several employees point out some insightful cons about Diffusion PR. These cons are as follows:

●     To achieve exemplary results, every member is responsible for measurable deliverables and outputs. One has to work hard and smart to be part of a team that keeps blowing its clients away.

●     To thrive at Diffusion PR, every team member has to give 110% to deliver work that wows the client. For PR professionals that seek a place to coast, Diffusion PR may be a real awakening. Staff members have to meet key deliverables and achieve key outputs.

●     Working under pressure to deliver is a common phenomenon. While working under pressure is tough, the pressure to deliver is common in the PR space. Hence, Diffusion’s work environment is no exception. For PR professionals that thrive under pressure, an opening at Diffusion PR may be a good fit. 

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