Digital Marketing Agency Needed By South Africa

Digital Marketing Agency Needed By South Africa


The purpose of Brand South Africa is to develop and implement pro-active and coordinated marketing, communication and reputation management strategies for the country.


Brand South Africa is a Schedule 3A Public Entity, which was established in terms of the Brand South Africa Trust Deed, which is governed by the Trust Property Control Act No.57 of 1988 and the Public Finance Management Act, No.1 of 1999.  Brand South Africa, previously known as the International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC), was established in 2002 and tasked with leading the global and domestic marketing of our nation’s Brand. The primary object of the Trust is to develop and implement pro-active and coordinated marketing and communication as well as reputation management strategies for South Africa.

Brand South Africa’s international mandate is to build South Africa’s Nation brand reputation in order to improve the country’s global competitiveness, reflecting a greater focus on driving international investment and trade. Domestically, Brand South Africa’s mandate is to build pride & patriotism amongst South Africans and contribute to social cohesion and nation brand ambassadorship, giving our country a consolidated and clear brand image. This involves the creation of a unified message and promise that becomes identifiable with South Africa, thereby building credibility, conviction and committed patronage.

Brand South Africa is also the central hub of national reputation and competitiveness intelligence. This intelligence is vital for articulating, aligning and mobilising key messages about the nation for the use and benefit of all stakeholders and strategic partners.

Scope of Work:

The service provider must be able to provide the following services:

  • Digital Strategy development
  • Social Media management
  • Digital Content development
  • Media planning and buying
  • Design, development and maintenance of website and related online touch points
  • Analytics, reporting and full monitoring of campaign progress and digital landscape (domestic and international markets)
  • Understanding of environment for local and international markets and maximizing engagement with key audiences in markets
  • On the ground digital support for Brand South Africa’s programmes.
  • Work in collaboration with Brand South Africa’s partners and service providers including; research agencies, brand agencies and stakeholders
  • Monitoring and/or analysis for new media and digital opportunities
  • Webmaster technical support
  • Capture photos and videos at selected Brand South Africa events.

Due Date:

November 24


Agencies with strong government experience include Ketchum PR and APCO Worldwide.

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