Digital Marketing Predictions For The Year To Come

What do pros think will happen in digital marketing in 2021?  Some experts told us:

“Accessibility is a trend that is gaining more and more momentum as marketers and brands realize that their message is inaccessible to valuable audiences. Optimizing for voice search, video search and closed captioning will be important trends to keep marketing accessible and relevant in 2021 and beyond,” said John Cho, Founder of My Pet Child, an online resource for pet owners struggling due to COVID19. 

“UX is going to become more of a focus when it comes to SEO. This year has changed what consumers search for in so many ways. And when they find the site they’re looking for, they require as little friction as possible to get to the end-point. This isn’t going to change in a post-COVID world.  UX is a big part of SEO that often gets overlooked. So, the businesses that take advantage of this and create frictionless user experiences that boost their SEO are going to be coming out of the gateway ahead of everyone else who is still trying to stuff keywords and links, “said Stephen Jones, Chief Marketing Officer @ 420 DC, a digital marketplace. 

“Brands appear to be more willing to take a stand on key social issues – as evidenced by some large brands like Nike and Netflix getting behind BLM. This obviously puts brands at risk of causing some consumer or media backlash, however, the benefit is they can align themselves with their intended audience, as long as their PR/marketing message is true to their mission statement and delivered with authenticity,” said Amit Raj,Founder @ Amit Digital Marketing.

Laura Burden, founder of a boutique social media agency, Burden Brand Management argues that “Instagram’s biggest trend right now is Reels. Instagram’s newest feature is changing the way we post and interact, and we suspect this will be the trend going into 2021.Instagram Reels offer an opportunity to reach a whole new audience with it’s unheard of visibility and longevity. With new features like the suggested Reels list on your feed and consistent traffic on Reels over a month old, we suspect Instagram will be releasing new features and updates that continue to bring Reels to the forefront. 

With the ease of creating a Reel in less than 10 minutes through Instagram’s platform, we also suspect other social media platforms will jump on board for quick snippet videos that are full of fun features.

Recognizing Tik Tok really brought the under 30 second videos with tons of fun features to the social media game, other platforms like Facebook have no choice but to adopt the feature. Long gone are the days of getting by with just static posts, pretty pictures and perfect captions. If you aren’t implementing reels into your Instagram posting scheduling you are missing out on reaching a whole new audience!”

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