Digital PR tools

Digital PR helps to increase the awareness of a brand by using online methods. Digital PR helps a brand to reach target customers by featuring it on podcasts, social media platforms, and websites. Digital PR helps to generate website traffic and results in long-term traffic gains. When done right, it can drive engagement across social media platforms. Digital PR is not only about earning links, it is also about adding credibility to a brand. Given below are some tools that every PR practitioner should have in their PR toolbox.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms help to increase brand reach. With its real-time messaging, social media is a very effective way of doing PR. Social media has made PR more approachable and helps in forming meaningful relationships. Irrespective of their niche, brands appear more approachable and humanized. Social media also helps to keep a brand updated on what is trending. Optimization of content on social media helps to focus on what is positive. Social media also helps to keep a brand updated on what is trending. 


Optimizing content for search engines increases visibility. This helps to increase the number of people who are exposed to the message that a brand wants to convey. The content can be press releases, blogs, websites, webinars, and anything that requires a description. For any type of content to perform better in online search, social media channels should link to it as much as possible. There are other strategies too that help to build SEO such as backlink building, interviewing on podcasts, and posting blogs on other websites. The content too has to be refreshing and should offer something of value to people that it is trying to reach. If a brand jumps ahead of trends and pitches topics that are valuable, it can appear to be a thought leader in its niche. Popular tools such as Moz and SEmrush help to check the health of websites and also to run backlink audits.

Press release distribution service

A press release distribution service helps to give a company maximum exposure and it also helps to select media on the basis of niche and location. There are some that are great for small businesses that want to reach journalists and media outlets and there are others that are perfect for brand building. Some of the popular press release distribution services are eReleases, Linking News, and PRWeb.

Social media monitoring tools

Social media monitoring tools help to track conversations about a brand. Without social media monitoring, it will be difficult to control the reputation of a brand. Without social media monitoring tools, it will also be difficult to track mentions. For instance, a crisis can be detected at a very early stage from comments and reviews. Such tools also help to gather all kinds of relevant information together which helps to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. HubSpot, Agorapulse, and Keyhole are popular media monitoring tools.

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