Digital PR Trends

The digital PR industry has been steadily growing over the last few years, with plenty of businesses quickly trying to adapt to the digital spaces that have become popular due to the pandemic. That same change has also established some digital PR trends that have taken over some of the more outdated PR strategies.

Artificial Intelligence Writing

One of the tools that has seen an increase in use is AI writing assistants, which are tools that can create written content. There are plenty of different AI tools available on the market, and they work by going through a database and finding patterns that help the AI make guesses on what the content might be about. This tool helps companies by giving readers an illusion of high-quality content that has less bias, and AI writing assistants can also create a lot more articles than actual writers. However, the disadvantage of AI writing assistants is the fact that there’s no author voice when content is created with the help of an AI.

Video Content

Both digital PR and digital marketing greatly benefit from the video content, which has become especially popular in the last year. When a potential customer watches a video for a product or service from a company, it helps improve their brand recall, and gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in an experience. They’re able to receive a few minutes of information or entertainment, which tends to inspire them to share the content in their social circles. Video content can also be used in storytelling, and it’s also accessible to smaller businesses looking to create an emotional connection with their audiences.

Audio Content

In the last few months, the rise of audio social media platforms has been noticeable, with momentum being created by apps such as Clubhouse, or features like Twitter’s Spaces. These platforms benefit companies in many ways, including helping with market research. With these apps, companies are able to get feedback from potential consumers regarding things they do and don’t want. It also allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers and build stronger relationships, which is different from other social media platforms.

Stories on Social Media 

A number of social media platforms also introduced their own Stories feature, along the likes of the idea behind Snapchat, or Instagram’s Stories feature. While some platforms ended up removing that feature a few months later, Instagram’s Stories have remained popular with both brands and consumers. There are many benefits of using the feature, as it is a low-pressure and fast way to communicate with consumers without worrying about design too much. Additionally, this type of communication produces effective and fast results because it’s able to help companies conduct market research. It can even be used to sell directly to clients. The feature provides a fast strategy for businesses to grow, to establish a trust factor with the target audience, and to help with engagement and user-generated content.

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