Florida Virtual School (“FLVS”) is seeking responses from qualified proposers interested in providing Digital Marketing Analytics, Media Planning, and Media Buying Services.

About FLVS

As an online pre-Kindergarten-12th grade solutions provider, we are committed to providing valuable resources for every student, school, and school district across the nation. We offer a variety of educational products and services to B2C and B2B audiences, including: pre-K-12 Online Schools, Training and Professional Development, Digital Curriculum (190+ Courses), Tech Solutions, and Platforms. Additional information about our organization’s two brands can be found on (Florida Services) and (National Services). FlexPoint Education Cloud is a trademark of Florida Virtual School and is the organization’s new national brand identity outside of the state of Florida. Formerly FLVS Global, FlexPoint has worked with schools and districts around the nation and worldwide in 65 countries and three US territories for more than 20 years.


Scope of Services: Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is soliciting proposals for a qualified Digital Marketing Analytics, Media Planning and Media Buying services provider. FLVS is seeking an agency with expertise and knowledge of business strategies and the ability to communicate, collaborate, and present strategic media solutions that support our priorities. The Respondent must have proven experience and resources to provide integrated lead generation and enrollment conversion strategies that target audiences through top-, mid-, and bottom-funnel stages. Services required involve (but are not limited to): B2C and B2B campaign planning, media negotiation and buying, media placement, data analysis, evaluation of Return on Investment (ROI) of advertising, and other online and offline advertising strategies and support services deemed necessary.

Background Information

The FLVS Marketing Team strives to stay ahead of digital marketing trends to ensure we are reaching and supporting the many families, educators, and school administrators who make up the nation’s 16,000+ school districts. To continue our aggressive growth goals, we are seeking a qualified agency engaged in the analytical and data-driven landscape of digital marketing and paid media who can help elevate our marketing activities and organization. Our goal is to effectively seek out the resources and support necessary to implement effective advertising strategies to be the top choice in online education for families and educators nationwide.

FLVS priorities include but are not limited to:

● Strengthen brand awareness in the state of Florida

● Increase FLVS Flex (part-time) course enrollments in the state of Florida

● Increase full-time enrollments in the state of Florida

FlexPoint priorities include but are not limited to:

● Increase brand awareness in key markets nationwide

● Increase lead generation volume nationwide

● Strengthen position as a pre-K-12 online education leader

Respondent Methodology – Respondent shall provide a detailed response defining their overall methodology reflecting the following:

a. Describe your plan for performing the work specified. For each of the required services identified in the scope of services, describe how your firm will accomplish each activity. Include practices, methods, and processes that determine how best to plan, develop, control, and deliver the work specified until successful completion.

b. Discuss overall communications methodology for communicating to key target audiences/stakeholder groups such as project team members, users, and external (resident and contractor) community.

c. Define the expectations and any workflow assumptions that you have of your clients.

d. Describe any additional value-added services that contractor is proposing.

e. Strategic Planning & Market Research approach, including competitive analysis and assessment of current industry advertising landscape

f. Business Process Design approach, including standard best practices in methodology and deliverables for paid media campaigns

g. Performance Monitoring approach, including description of marketing campaign management activities to address:

• Oversight of advertising performance and strategic direction, both on an aggregate and tactical level

• Campaign status reports and meetings, i.e., format, cadence to facilitate collaboration and real-time decision-making based on experience of past implementations

• Methods to ensure consistency and quality of campaign deliverables

• Goal setting and benchmarking for progress monitoring of campaign deliverables against original flowchart or advertising plans

• Maintenance of campaign documentation, procedures, advertising schedule updates

• Development and management of campaign dashboards and status reports

• Execution of financial documents and deliverables for invoicing

• Ongoing updates on campaign, associated advertising plans for media spend, and any issue-tracking

Staffing Plan – Proposers are required to submit a staffing plan, including a listing of all sub‐contractors, if applicable, and a description of the project team roles. The submission shall incorporate the following:

a. Project organization chart or similar showing FLVS and Proposer staff, role descriptions, and a description of the correlation between FLVS and Proposer roles.

b. Biographies of agency leadership and key personnel including but not limited to the account manager, media buyer and others as applicable.

c. Resource Risk Mitigation: FLVS requires mitigation plans for resources on the project in the event a resource leaves the firm prior to completion of contract.

Direct all inquiries in writing to FLVS Procurement Services.

Karen Stolarenko |

Bid Due Date/Time

May 17, 2022 no later than 2:00 PM EST

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