Discover Elite Services at Luxury PR

Discover Elite Services at Luxury PR
Discover Elite Services at Luxury PR

Luxury PR & Hospitality Group has fostered a national reputation over the past 13 years as being one of the most well-connected PR agencies in the country. On top of their outstanding relationships with producers and journalists, Luxury PR boasts premier services that help create local, national, and even international status for their clients.

Superior Services

PR Consulting

Luxury PR is focused on helping its clients grow creatively and professionally in the most strategic way possible. Their PR Consulting services have proven to lead to increased profitability, efficiency, and corporate responsibility for their clients’ brands. PR Consulting with Luxury PR means taking a company to the next level.


One of the key offerings of Luxury PR Group is its comprehensive press kits, available to its clients in both print and electronic formats. These kits include advice on the design and dispersal of company-branded materials as well as advertising and video production.

Editorial Placement

Editorial placement is all about having connections in the media, which Luxury PR has nurtured since they were founded in 2007. Their network of contacts in national newspapers, online media outlets, and arts and culture magazines, among others, ensures that their clients secure successful media placements. Luxury PR takes charge and makes bold measures to collaborate with journalists for accurate, favorable coverage of their clients.

More Services

Luxury PR also offers media training, hospitality, media tours, crisis communication, event management, and more.

Discover the Catalog

For a visual representation of catering equipment and top-tier tableware, Luxury PR has access to for their events, view the virtual catalogs linked on their website.

Noteworthy Clients

Luxury PR Group is dedicated to empowering and educating their clients while ensuring that they achieve their ultimate objectives. No matter what sector their clients are in, Luxury PR ensures that they receive targeted media attention and project controlled, perceptive messaging.

A few of Luxury PR’s significant clients who utilize their various services include:

Saks Fifth Avenue

As a global luxury department store, Saks Fifth Avenue sells designer clothing, accessories, shoes, and home goods while housing a salon, restaurant, and beauty concierge at its flagship New York City location.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The MFA in Boston is one of the most well-recognized art museums in the world, featuring nearly 450,000 works of art including paintings, photography, drawings, textiles, jewelry, and more.

Boston Bruins

Boston’s professional ice hockey team, the Boston Bruins have been in existence and competing in the National Hockey League since 1924.

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