District of Tofino Seeks Communication Strategy

District of Tofino

The District of Tofino is seeking proposals from qualified proponents to develop both internal and external communications practices of the District of Tofino. As part of the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, District of Tofino Council has prioritized improved communications and citizen engagement in local government decision-making and service delivery. The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to solicit the best overall proposal for the provision of consulting services for the development of a communication strategy for the District of Tofino (the District).

The Communication Strategy must provide guidance on how to improve communication and engagement while recognizing that the District has minimal internal resources or expertise. The District of Tofino’s current engagement practices occur in two ways:

o   Engagement mandated by legislation (e.g. public hearings, notice requirements), and

o   Other engagement (e.g. events, initiatives, notifications, etc.)

The District’s goal is to improve and expand communication and engagement with public and internal audiences through improved tactics, messaging and processes in order to:

o   Build community awareness

o   Improve customer service and accessibility

o   Maintain a high level of interest in District initiatives

o   Help foster broad based community support for District initiatives

o   Facilitate the flow of information sharing and engagement between various local and municipal audiences

o   Foster a consistent, professional image in all business dealings utilizing our existing brand

o   Improve issues management and strategic communication

Scope of Work

The strategy will include the following deliverables:

Research/Communications Audit

o   Review and analyze existing communication policies and practices related to internal and external communication, Council relations, community engagement and media relations.

o   2. Determine organizational requirements and audience/stakeholder needs for effective communication and engagement.

Communication Strategy Development

o   Recommend updates to existing communication policies and practices as required based on audit.

o   Complete a communication strategy that addresses audience needs and communication messaging and tactics for unique departmental functions. For example, elements may include:

  • Define Tofino’s vision and guiding principles for communication
  • Define roles and responsibilities of District staff and Departments
  • Map processes for Consultation and Engagement
  • Develop messaging guidelines
  • Develop issues management guidelines
  • Develop communications assessment tools

Due Date

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Elyse Goatcher Bergmann
Manager of Corporate Services
Telephone: (250) 725-3229 ext. 610
E-mail: egoatcher-bergmann@tofino.ca

APCO Worldwide and Ketchum PR have extensive government PR experience.

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