Diversity Podcasts

People are getting serious about diversity and inclusion in marketing. For content marketing to be successful, it has to be like a mirror and that mirror has to increasingly reflect people who make up society. Podcasting is no exception. Podcasts allow brands to communicate with their audience effectively. They can also be platforms that can advocate for change, empower and inform.

Importance of representation

When podcasts are developed as content, they should also make sure that they should be a platform where every voice can be heard. If they do so, they can reach diverse groups of audiences. This can be a positive change that can address unconscious biases that exclude minority audiences. Including diverse voices would also result in expanding into new markets and unlocking new listeners. Representation is always important as it helps to break down barriers and help the audience find an organization relatable. An organization should also be proactive about promoting diverse content to the right listeners. Given below are some podcasts that would help to understand diversity and its importance.

The will to change

The will to change is hosted by Jennifer Brown who is a diversity expert. This podcast deals with real stories of diversity and inclusion and suggests innovations from diversity leaders. It helps leaders to foster productive workplaces. Listeners can hear about cutting-edge practices that were implemented to foster change. It also empowers advocates of diversity to be a force in developing inclusive organizations.

Latinos who lunch

This podcast is hosted by FavyFav, an artist and Babelito, an art historian. This podcast talks about intersectionality among other things, the intersectionality among Spanglish, queer, and LatinX voices. The hosts discuss everything from multiculturalism to politics. They keep their audience hooked with their humor and doses of edutainment.

The Inclusion Works

This podcast aims to build inclusive culture at work. It encourages listeners who want to drive change and accelerate diversity. Experts and activists bring fresh perspectives to the topic of diversity. Important questions about diversity are asked and experts are asked how they make diversity work. There is practical advice from changemakers on how to make diversity possible daily. This podcast focuses on the fact that diversity is a driver of social and economic change.

Women at Work

Women at Work was created by Amy Bernstein and Amy Gallow , editor and author of Harvard Business Review. It is no secret that most women face gender discrimination in their careers, and they also need to find a way to tackle it. The podcast also deals with issues such as the impact of the Coronavirus crisis. Experts are interviewed to talk about gender and share their own experiences. There is also a lot of practical advice on how women can navigate their way in spite of the challenges they face. There is also advice on retirement and how women can plan to spend their time.

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