Dr. Armin Tehrany On How Doctors Are Reaching New Patients in a Digital World

dr armin tehrany

With the future of healthcare being a hot topic of discussion, doctors are embracing the digital age and onboarding new tactics to bring in patients.

Doctors Embrace the Digital Age

While the importance used to lie in traditional media to highlight a doctor’s practice, patient testimonials and innovative procedures, it comes to no surprise that traditional mediums like printed press, TV and radio are being challenged by the boom of the digital realm.

In a day where most patients are online, doctors are embracing the change and utilizing new techniques to make their footprint. A great example of this is Dr. Armin Tehrany. Dr. Armin Tehrany is a New York City orthopedic surgeon, shoulder and knee specialist and the founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care. He is engaging in the digital space with his use of infographics to share information with a mass audience and to target new patients.

dr armin tehrany

The Rise of Infographics

Infographics, like the one above, help doctors generate patients by finding a new medium for interaction and communication. They are attention-grabbing graphics that can target a specific audience and display a large amount of information. The key? Making that information visually appealing. Healthcare professionals often have data and studies that are important to share with patients; unfortunately however, doing this via text or through traditional media can come across as dull and lengthy. Dr. Tehrany utilizes infographics to help his audience understand complex information in a snapshotted, engaging way.

How Can Infographics Benefit Your Brand?

Infographics not only get a message across, but they can also add to your online visibility. When conducting an online search, it’s beneficial to not only rank in a text database but also in the image database. Your brand will become more visible. Infographics put your brand in a good position to rank higher in a search engine, therefore giving you an advantage with search engine optimization (SEO). Consumers also like interaction – infographics are a way for a consumer to pay attention to the information being conveyed and share it even further.

It’s important to know your audience and to target them accordingly. The power of today’s digital space is a growing force among not only millennials who spend most of their time online, but also to a wider consumer audience. We are all keeping pace with our digitally driven generation and infographics are a great way for brands and healthcare professionals to succeed.


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