Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Video Marketing

Dos and Don'ts of Mobile Video Marketing

Mobile and video are two concepts that are growing rapidly over the last few years. By the time 2019 is over, some experts predict that mobile advertising will make up 72% of digital ad spending. Combine that with the fact that video is one of the most popular forms of online media today, and today’s marketers could have everything they need for some serious success.

Of course, before you companies can start reaping the rewards of mobile video marketing, they need to figure out how to make their brand shine in the best way possible. With that in mind, here are some dos and don’ts of mobile video marketing.

What to “Do” in Mobile Video Marketing

The first thing that companies need to do to get the most out of mobile video, is figure out what their customers are looking for through their mobile channels. After all, mobile users have a very different set of goals to desktop visitors. Whether companies are creating videos for social media or for their website, a good way to get started is to keep the content short and sweet. Most people on a phone don’t have much time to watch long documentary posts.

Additionally, it may be worth some businesses exploring the possibilities of vertical instead of horizontal video, as this can show up better ons some phone screens. Other “dos” for mobile video marketing include:

  • Target the right customer: Companies should find out as much as they can about the kind of customer that comes to them through a smartphone and adjust their content accordingly.
  • Experiment with different channels: There are plenty of avenues online where businesses can create and promote video, including YouTube, Instagram TV, and Facebook Live.
  • Offer real value: No matter what kind of marketing strategies a business is using, it’s always important to create value for the customer. Offer entertainment, information, or exclusive news to keep people coming back for more.

What Not to Do with Mobile Video Marketing

Perhaps the most important “don’t” in mobile video marketing that companies should consider is that they shouldn’t be afraid of the medium. Although video can seem complicated or overwhelming at first, it’s actually much easier than it seems. Solutions like Facebook live also make it easier to post raw authentic video through social media. Other don’ts include:

  • Don’t forget branding: Just because companies explore a new type of content doesn’t mean they should forget about their brand. It’s important to maintain a consistent tone of voice and image.
  • Don’t be overly promotional: People watch videos because they’re looking for information and entertainment. If organizations constantly share nothing but promotional videos and advertisements this can sometimes lead to frustration among potential fans.
  • Don’t forget to promote each video: Just because the videos themselves shouldn’t be overly promotional doesn’t mean that businesses should forget about the value of promoting the content they create. It’s important to share every video on social media, blog pages, and even through email newsletter campaigns.

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