Ducks Unlimited Canada Seeks Marketing Firm

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is requesting proposals to assist in the continuing evolution of one of Canada’s most successful conservation organizations. Working closely with DUC’s communications, marketing and fundraising team, the successful applicant will play a key role in developing a national marketing strategy that supports future growth and continued success for DUC.


In 1938 a small group of dedicated waterfowl hunters rolled up their sleeves and began the monumental task of returning water to a parched prairie landscape. It is essential to recognize the role waterfowl hunters have played in the creation and continued development of the organization. It is waterfowl hunters who continue to provide significant financial support and form the core of DUC’s volunteer base.

It is also recognized that the waterfowl community is significantly smaller than in previous decades. Growth in this area is limited by diminished numbers and an aging demographic. Canada is also increasingly urbanized, with large sections of society having little connection to the outdoors. Finding the supporter of tomorrow, while continuing to engage the supporter of today, is a cornerstone of all future marketing and brand initiatives.

To assist in the development of this marketing strategy, DUC has commissioned a comprehensive brand renewal survey. This research involved more than 4,700 Canadians, and includes feedback from DUC directors, supporters, staff and the general public.

The research identifies concepts that resonate most strongly with target audiences. It identifies their environmental goals, and their perceptions and expectations of DUC. It also segments audiences nationally. The results confirm DUC’s intuitions about its ongoing brand evolution. Specifically, that the environmental benefits provided by wetlands are compelling to broad segments of society. Wetlands help prevent floods and droughts. They provide habitat for species at risk. They store carbon and provide solutions to climate change. And the most powerful message: wetlands are key to clean water.

Scope of Work:

We are inviting proposals to develop a national, multi-year marketing strategy in both official languages that will:

  • Promote greater understanding and active support of DUC’s essential and compelling mission.
  • Strongly position DUC in the hearts and minds of Canadians as essential to restoring and maintaining Canada’s wetlands which, in turn, will deliver cleaner water, greater flood protection, abundant waterfowl and healthy ecosystems.
  • Generate value to DUC in the form of philanthropic giving, secured land easements, conservation grants, supportive policy frameworks, volunteer engagement, fee-for- service income, support for green infrastructure and corporate partnerships.

While DUC’s mission is national, this marketing strategy must be relevant and effective at the provincial or regional level. Implementation strategies for each province will be a key element of the overall strategy.

Deliverables include:

  • A comprehensive marketing strategy – including positioning, personality, brand promise and value proposition; media channels; target markets; optimum timelines; leveraging opportunities; and imagery, colour, feel and taglines that can reach identified key audiences (existing and new).
  • A plan that articulates timelines and costs for various phases of strategy development and implementation. Assume a two to three-year public marketing campaign.
  • Compelling and impactful creative with suggested timelines and saturation in multi- disciplinary channels that range from digital to traditional, depending on the intended target market.

Due Date:

November 6th


Nigel Simms, National Director of Communications and Marketing
Ducks Unlimited Canada PO Box 1160 Stonewall, MB, R0C 2Z0

Strong contenders for this assignment could be Cohn & Wolfe or Finn Partners.

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