DuPage Airport Authority Issues Public Affairs and Marketing RFP

DuPage Airport Authority Issues Public Affairs and Marketing RFP

The DuPage Airport Authority (“Authority”), an Illinois Special District of government intends to award a three (3) year Retainer Agreement, subject to two (2) one (1) year extensions at the sole discretion of the Authority to a qualified public affairs and marketing consulting firm.

The public affairs and marketing consultant will be responsible for providing strategic marketing and communications services to support the Authority’s business units including; the DuPage Airport, DuPage Flight Center, Prairie Landing Golf Club and the DuPage Business Center. Additional information about each business unit can be viewed at:


To provide general aviation facilities and services to the suburban Chicago area, including corporate aviation service, recreational aviation, charter service, local commuter service and air cargo while fostering aviation related business on the field; and to develop and lease or sell surplus vacant land in a manner compatible with airport uses in order to generate significant long-term income which, along with increased aviation revenues, will stimulate the local economy; provide for the creation of jobs; bring outside revenues to local businesses; increase tax revenues for local communities; and reduce the airport’s reliance upon property tax levies until the airport operates profitably without using revenue from taxpayers.

Scope of Work:

The current scope of services performed by the public affairs and marketing consultant have a focus on the following areas:

                Media Relations

– Press release development and placement.

– Radio and television programming.

– Paid advertising management.

– Trade organization relationships.

Live media coverage.

                Crisis Communications

Development of a Crisis Communications Plan.

– Public Information Officer (PIO) training.

Emergency exercise participation. Stakeholder relationships.

                Government Relations

Facilitating intergovernmental communication/coordination with respect to public messaging.

– Awareness oflocal/State/Federal issues that could impact the Authority.

                Creative Design

Print brochure design and development.

                Special Event Planning and Marketing

Planning and marketing community events. Planning and marketing local trade events.


                Social Media Communications

Assisting the Authority with social media strategies and communications.

Due Date:

December 14


Daniel J. Barna, C.M.

Operations and Capital Program Manager

DuPage Airport Authority

2700 International Drive, Suite 200

West Chicago, IL 60185

Agencies worth considering include MWW PR and Zeno Group.

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