EComm 911 Issues Advertising RFP

EComm 911 Issues Advertising RFP
EComm 911 Issues Advertising RFP

E-COMM has a mandate to inform and educate the public on the purpose and use of 9-1-1, to support effective use of the life-saving service and increase public understanding of E-COMM and its various public safety obligations. This work is directed by the E-COMM Corporate Communications Department, made up of an executive director, a manager and support staff, with outside resources brought in as necessary. In addition to the 9-1-1 public education program, the department is responsible for all internal and external communications for E-COMM. This includes media relations, issues management, corporate governance, content management and all communications channels. Collaboration with E-COMM Information Technology and other E-COMM departments is required, dependent on the work.

The purpose of this RFP is to engage a full-service agency with demonstrated success in developing and delivering integrated social marketing and information campaigns to deliver public awareness and education programs that support E-COMM’s public education mandate.

The successful Proponent will be able to deliver the following services and abilities:

                1. account management;

                2. strategic communications planning;

                3. brand development and management;

                4. review and conduct research;

                5. creative development;

                6. print, broadcast, and online production capabilities;

                7. media planning, purchasing and management;

                8. multicultural services (develop and implement strategies aimed at specific audiences/languages);

                9. digital/mobile/social media marketing and engagement;

                10. evaluation and measurement of results;

                11. centralized account management and billing (one point of contact); and

                12. value for pricing, demonstrating efficiency and economy.


E-COMM is located in Vancouver and is the largest 9-1-1 call centre in Canada. The centre is responsible for 99% of the province’s 9-1-1 call volume, approximately 1.5 million calls per year. E-COMM provides 9-1-1 call-answer for Metro Vancouver and 25 other regional districts and communities in British Columbia and also provides dispatch service for 36 police agencies and fire departments in southwest B.C.

E-COMM also provides a wide set of mission-critical public safety technology services, which includes owning and operating the largest multi-jurisdictional, tri-service (police, fire, ambulance) emergency radio system in the province and a number of related technology services.

Scope of Work:

E-COMM’s current 3-year public education plan is aimed at raising awareness of and promoting proper use of the 9-1-1 system. The overall objectives of the public education program are to:

  • Increase public understanding and awareness of issues that most impact 9-1-1 service; and
  • Change caller behaviour over time.

The plan is focused on increasing awareness of issues such as:

  • Emergency vs. non-emergency – knowing when to call 9-1-1 and when to call non-emergency numbers
  • Location information – making sure callers know and can communicate their location
  • Accidental calls – unintended calls to 9-1-1 (pocket dials, pre-programmed dials)
  • Nuisance calls – calls to 9-1-1 for non-police/fire/ambulance issues
  • Outreach to Non-English-speaking citizens/multicultural programs

Efforts to address these issues include community outreach, earned media, social media, with the focal point being an annual media/advertising campaign.

In addition, E-COMM is one of multiple 9-1-1 call centres in Canada considering the implementation of Next Generation 9-1-1 – new means of connecting the public to the 9-1-1 service in the future (for example, text to 9-1-1). The introduction of this program would require significant public education and awareness programs of its own, and E-COMM will be taking a leadership role in delivering this within British Columbia.

The successful Proponent may also be asked to provide services for other E-COMM corporate programs or activities.

The successful Proponent will work with E-COMM’s Corporate Communications department to support the work described above.

The work will be assigned on a project basis, as needs and budget allow and may include:

  • Assist in developing plans for long-term strategy or specific campaigns;
  • Manage and conduct qualitative and quantitative research aimed at determining issues and priorities, audience, messages, and means of communication; and evaluation and measurement of activities;
  • Conceive, develop, produce and execute campaigns and other strategies, including those aimed at non-English speakers and multicultural communities;
  • Provide media planning, buying and management services; and
  • Conceive, develop and produce online tools such as applications and microsites.

Our current plans are for a public awareness campaign in the late fall of 2019 and we would be looking to brief the successful Proponent shortly after award.

Due Date:

March 14th, 2019.



3301 East Pender Street

Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5K 5J3

Attention: Patsy Tam, Purchaser

M Booth is an agency with relevant experience.

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