Effective B2B Email Newsletter Campaign Tips

2018 ContactMonkeyNewsletter Blog

About half of all marketers in the B2B industry understand that email is a great way to drive revenue, with digital newsletters generating great conversion rates. The markets and trends are constantly changing, especially ever since the pandemic first started. These changes come along with the disappearance of web browser cookie data and the increasing number of people that have started using ad-blocking tools.

Fortunately, through email newsletters, companies can directly solve some of those challenges while improving the relationships they have with their consumers. This leads to increasing the bottom line. One of the most common pieces of advice that people get regarding email newsletters is to focus on their click-through rates instead of open rates.

However, it’s actually essential that businesses focus on both of those metrics, as it is one of the only ways they’re able to build stronger relationships with their newsletter subscribers. Additionally, instead of companies focusing on getting a larger number of people to join an email newsletter, they should be focusing on atracting people to the newsletter who are interested in engaging with the content. That way, both the open rates and the click-through rates for email campaigns can increase.

Another thing that companies should keep in mind is the very first email they send out to consumers right after they sign up and agree to receive emails. That email should welcome the new subscriber and inform their  expectations regarding what they will  receive in future newsletters. Additionally, all  email newsletters should reflect the tone that the company’s been using across all other channels, so that consumers become even more familiar with it and learn to trust it .

When it comes to telling members of the target audience about a newsletter from a company, for example, through social media, it’s important to highlight the primary topic that’s discussed in the email. This is a much better option compared to sharing a generic message that only announces the fact that there’s a new email newsletter. Furthermore, existing email newsletter subscribers can be asked to share the email with other people in their social circles who might be interested in the content or the topics that are discussed.

One of the most important elements of an email newsletter is for it to empathize with the audience, and to share that the business understands the consumers’ needs and hopes. This is a great way to show consumers that the company cares about them and solves their pain points in an efficient manner. Finally, companies should keep in mind that with every email newsletter they send out, one of the biggest goals should be to continue building strong and trusting relationships between the consumers and the brand.

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