Effective PR Campaigns

Developing an effective pr campaign and marketing plan in 6 easy steps December 3 2014

Companies that invest in public relations campaigns can have a much easier time reaching the goals of those campaigns if they’re able to make their campaigns as effective as possible. However, that’s not always easy for every company to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of examples of other effective public relations campaigns that companies can look to, to get inspiration or guidance for their own public relations campaigns and achieve a lot more success with them by implementing similar strategies.


There have been plenty of promotional campaigns from the popular fast food chain Subway under the slogan “Eat Fresh”, however, once the company decided to change its menu and branding, it also had to create a brand new slogan for its promotional efforts. Thus, with the rebrand, the company came up with the fitting title “Eat Fresh Refresh”, as the brand went through a change itself to be refreshed. For the promotional campaign itself, the company decided to work with numerous athletes, such as Serena Williams and Steph Curry, who showcased their personalities alongside the new meal options from the company’s new menu. For instance, in one of the ads, Tom Brady is shown pulling out bread from an oversized perfume bottle, while stating that the bread smells so great people can almost taste it. This was the company’s spin on most of the moody ads for perfumes that can be confusing for some people, while also showing how great the new options and ingredients on the menu are. With this promotional effort, the brand successfully managed to pair together what’s familiar to many of its consumers, with something new that they could get from the company’s rebrand and refresh.


One of the leading brands in terms of developing positive brand associations in the minds of the consumers has been Dove. The company has had many incredibly successful campaigns that have turned it into a market leader and a brand that’s instantly recognizable and relatable to the target audience. One great example of its promotional efforts was the Selfie Talk marketing campaign from the company, which showcased the pressure that many young girls tend to feel so they can look as what’s considered to be “perfect”, along with everything that they might do so they can appear to be perfect online. This is just one example of the numerous ones that Dove has created, which explores how the beauty industry has impacted the body image and self-esteem of women. That’s why many of its consumers often associate the brand with self-love, positivity, and confidence.


At the beginning of the pandemic, the popular furniture retail company Ikea wanted its consumers to look at their own homes from a brand new perspective since everyone had to spend a lot of time inside their homes. That’s why the company created a campaign titled #StayHome, showing to the consumers that all of their important life moments happen inside their homes and turning the promotional campaign into a love letter to people’s homes. This way, instead of consumers seeing their homes as a place where they were trapped at the beginning of the pandemic, the home would be presented as a place of shelter, growth, and warmth, providing people with a hopeful message that managed to leave a long-lasting impression. The campaign started in Spain, one of the countries that were hit hardest at the beginning of the pandemic, and then was shared worldwide.

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