Effective PR Strategies for Brand New Companies

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One of the key aspects of creating a successful business during this time is utilizing public relations, which is strategic communication efforts that are designed to positively influence how the public views and response to a company.

Although plenty of big brands and corporations can afford to have big PR campaigns or work with professional PR agencies that will handle all those matters, brand new companies usually can’t afford to do the same. Fortunately, there are several effective strategies that even brand new startups can use to build up some positive public relations effort.

Most brand new companies don’t look to actively promote and share their own stories. That means they often end up having their stories told for them, which results in media outlets not getting the right details to share with the public or representing the company in the wrong light. Additionally, although it’s not easy to obtain positive media coverage, and PR, companies should consistently work towards that goal. That way, they can easily connect the company’s brand messaging, product effectiveness and success, and end up in the news cycle that way.

Furthermore, plenty of brand new companies can greatly benefit from positive PR efforts, because that way they’ll be able to increase their visibility, attract new talents, and improve the bottom line.

Specific Goals

The first strategy that all brand new businesses should be employing in their PR efforts is of creating a single or a handful of very specific goals for their public relations campaigns. Knowing what the PR campaign aims for and should achieve means it’ll be easier for a business down the line when it’s time to decide the story that’s going to be shared with the press and the public.

The goals can be things such as gaining attention for a new product, encouraging more investors to become interested in the business, or simply building brand awareness to get more consumers.

Strategic Targeting

Several years ago, brand new companies in the tech industry created PR campaigns with the goal of getting media coverage from TechCrunch. This was incredibly beneficial for them, as it brought plenty of positive attention, as well as potentially new investors too.

However, companies that aren’t in the tech industry wouldn’t have the same benefits when getting media coverage from the same outlet. That’s precisely why it’s important to target the right outlets and journalists when pitching a company’s story and research the outlets that the target audience most prefers to follow as well.

Short Pitch

Finally, before trying to reach out to any journalist or media outlets, every company should have the perfect short pitch, which is only a few sentences in length. This short pitch also called an “elevator pitch”, is useful when communicating with the press, because it helps make a company stand out from the crowd.

When the pitch is clear, meaningful, concise, and compelling, media outlets are a lot more likely to be interested in it in the first place, and therefore, talk about the company.

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