Elko Convention & Visitors Authority Issues Marketing RFP

The Elko Convention & Visitors Authority is seeking to retain the services of a firm(s)or/firms to provide web/digital development of Exploreelko.com.


April 18, 1975: NRS 227 establishes the Elko City-County Civic Auditorium Authority, operating as the Elko Convention & Visitors Authority. The ECVA is the destination marketing organization for its District designated by Elko County, including the City of Elko, Nevada and is tasked with expanding and maintaining the economic engine of tourism. The ECVA is governed by the Elko Convention & Visitors Authority Board of Directors per NRS 227.


The successful bidder shall fulfill the following:

Web/Digital Development & E-Marketing/Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Scope items

are to be requested and used as needed by the ECVA.

Web/Digital Development:

• Developing and enhancing the Elko Convention & Visitors Authority’s website and digital

presence is critical to successfully marketing Elko as a travel and convention destination.

• Development of the website must include SEO optimization and keyword optimization to

ensure digital marketing efforts match website content.

• The contracted vendor will assist the ECVA in establishing GDPR and ADA compliance as well as

privacy and cookie policies.

• The contracted vendor will assist ECVA marketing staff to ensure the site is fully functional and

easily navigable.

• The contracted vendor will be responsible for providing guidance, direction, and design, in

cooperation with the ECVA’s marketing team.

• The contracted vendor will be responsible for the development and maintenance of website

properties, and mobile applications, if necessary, in support of the organization’s mission.

• The contracted vendor must have demonstrated expertise in current web technology and

development, cross-platform mobile application design, and the ability to work within opensource development platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.), and custom-developed

content management system.

• The contracted vendor must have experience in the development of integrated travel-related

marketing campaigns for state or government agencies and must provide proven third- (3rd)

party research results of its effectiveness including case studies that demonstrate the

contracted vendor’s expertise in brand campaign development in the tourism industry.

• Contracted vendor must be familiar with the use of third (3rd) party tags/pixels with respect to

digital placed media.

• Additionally, because the ECVA’s “customers” also include its stakeholders, we look to the vendor to assist with developing an outreach program targeting the needs of the ECVA’s various stakeholder groups, including, but not limited to: hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions, cultural assets, etc.; elected officials; media, etc.

• Create a framework for greater customization within remarketing and digital advertising, as well as email communication efforts. Account Management & Reporting:

• Meet with Elko Convention & Visitors Authority staff as needed for the purposes of carrying out initiatives.

• Maintain internal procedures ensuring budget control, prompt billing and quality control, including but not limited to auditing invoices for space, time, preparation and services.

Elko Convention & Visitors Authority

c/o Tom Lester, Convention & Tourism Manager

700 Moren Way Elko, NV 89801

e-mail: Marketing@ElkoCVA.com


Proposals are due by June 27

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