Emerging Trends in Modern Public Relations

Emerging Trends in Modern Public Relations

Public Relations has evolved into something that might be unrecognizable from its origins. What started out banners, clever marketing advertising and television, has transformed into something much more complex and dynamic. Keeping up with where PR is now and where it is heading is key to staying relevant in the industry.

Here’s a list of emerging trends in modern public relations to help you stay on top of the game:

Big Data/Small Data

Public relations has become data-centric. Whether it’s big data or small data, PR relies on data to tell stories effectively. The most compelling narratives are created by collecting and analyzing relevant data. With the advent of the internet, we are in a world where data is abundant. So to not use the data available to us would not only be ineffective, it would be foolish.

Personalized Pitching

It’s no longer enough just to send out a mass email to journalists and writers. In the past, they would receive very few emails and pitches. But that is definitely not the case anymore. An element of modern PR is pitching effectively – which means to do research on who you’re pitching to.  Find out their niche, interests, and readership. A personalized pitch is an absolute necessity.


Numbers and marketing did not really go hand in hand a decade or two ago. But now, marketing is much more than having nice banners. You might have an amazing advert, but if you can’t back it up by numbers then the client may have trouble trusting your credibility. To be successful in modern public relations, a company needs to embrace analytics. Research and data collection have become pre-requisites for a PR campaign.


Influencers have been a big game changer when it comes to public relations. Previously, the press were the ones that determined brand awareness. But now we have influencers – people who are followed in large numbers and are highly trusted. Bloggers are also included as they have high influence over their followers. These people are considered credible sources. Modern PR involves engaging and developing good relationships with influencers relevant to their industry.


While reading has always been important – it’s more essential now than ever. Modern PR professionals who don’t set apart time every day to read up on PR news, your industry and daily news are already lagging behind. Understanding your niche involved reading up on journalists who write about your field. Reading also keeps you on top of ever-changing trends. Being relevant is crucial in PR otherwise your efforts will go in vain.

Create a Content Strategy

Modern PR requires a content strategy, an elaborate plan involving content creating and marketing. This strategy is what will set your brand and product apart, especially from companies that are just focused on their product and not how it’s branded.


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