Essential Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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For many small businesses, marketing is a necessary expense to help the company grow. Although word-of-mouth marketing is an excellent strategy, most of the time, for small businesses, it’s not enough to help in business growth. Eventually, businesses are able to grow through word-of-mouth marketing strategies, first they need huge momentum and a lot of customers.

However, as much as marketing is necessary, it’s also a massive expense for businesses that are just starting out and aren’t able to afford all the associated expenses. Especially given the budget that’s required to operate a business, and the overwhelming number of marketing options that are available, which is why plenty of business owners decide to forego marketing at the start.

Fortunately, there are some essential marketing strategies that won’t break the bank that small businesses can utilize when looking for ways to grow the company.

Business Cards

One way that business owners and employees can quickly exchange information with others in a way that can build credibility is by having business cards and handing them out. This way, businesses can meet other potential vendors, employees, or clients. Another great thing about business cards these days is how customized and personalized they can be.

For example, a web development business can have a business card with a QR code that’s going to take the other person to a gallery of previous projects, so they get a better idea of what the company offers. That’s why companies should have business cards that match the company’s branding.


Working and partnering with other small businesses, whether through an official or an unofficial collaboration is another way for businesses to gain a larger reach. The partnership can be with businesses in complementary industries that have a similar target audience, with a vendor, or with local brick-and-mortar businesses.

Additionally, there are plenty of beneficial strategies when setting up such a collaboration, such as both businesses offering package deals to customers, setting up referral programs to send clients to both of the companies, or even creating joint contests for the audience.


Similarly to the last point, small businesses should be networking as much as possible, and leveraging that network of people or companies for all they’re worth to get better results. The people in the network are already going to be familiar with the business, which means the business owner can reach out and let these people know what’s happening with the company.

Then, these people are also more likely to check out what the company is offering, and even share the company’s products or services with their own social groups. That way, small businesses can build a bigger network, and therefore, a bigger audience.

Additionally, another beneficial way to network is to look for industry-specific groups and participate in their conversations. Whether it’s asking or answering questions, the business will be able to reach a bigger number of people and stand out from the crowd more easily.

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