European Defence Agency Seeks Agency For Media and Communication Activities

European Defence Agency Seeks Agency For Media and Communication Activities

The Media & Communication Unit is tasked with EDA’s external and internal communication activities.

Main duties of the Unit are:

– Uphold and enhance EDA’s image, promoting EDA’s objectives and achievements;

– Organise internal and external events such as EDA’s Annual Conference, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and official visits;

– Network and interaction with media, including press briefings, press conferences & trips and any requests for interviews and clarification;

– Develop tailor-made communication campaigns for EDA programmes and projects;

– Copy writing and editing articles, e-news, speeches, press releases, factsheets, brochures, newsletters etc.;

– Manage and edit EDA’s website,

– Manage and edit the EDA magazine (European Defence Matters);

– Manage social media platforms;

– Coordinate the production of communication material, graphic design and work;

– Produce audio-visual and multimedia products;

– Interact with stakeholders, think tanks and communication departments of national Ministries of Defence and EU defence related bodies;

– Support internal communication and team building activities.


The European Defence Agency (EDA) governed by Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/18351 was established in 2004 to “support the Member States and the Council in their effort to improve European defence capabilities in the field of crisis management and to sustain the European Security and Defence Policy as it stands now and develops in the future”.

The European Defence Agency, within the overall mission set out in the aforementioned Council Decision, has three main missions:

  • supporting the development of European defence capabilities and military cooperation;
  • stimulating defence Research and Technology (R&T)2 and strengthening the European defence industry;
  • acting as a military interface to EU policies.

EDA acts as a catalyst, promotes collaborations, launches new initiatives and introduces solutions to improve defence capabilities. It is the place where Member States willing to develop capabilities in cooperation do so. It is also a key facilitator in developing the capabilities necessary to underpin the Common Security and Defence Policy of the Union.

Scope of Work:

The framework contract is divided in 2 lots, as follows:

  • LOT 1: Web services
  • LOT 2: Media & communication support

Lot 1: Web services

The Agency’s website is the official point of information about the Agency and is the primary interface through which stakeholders and the wider public identify the Agency. The objective of this lot is to support EDA’s Media & Communication Unit, in particular its webmaster, in the maintenance and further development of the Agency’s website.

It is important to note that EDA uses only Microsoft.NET technology for development of its websites. Moreover, the CMS “Sitefinity” ( is used for its external website and a combination of standard ASP.NET (MVC & Web Forms) and “SharePoint” for its   collaboration platforms. EDA does not expect to change the above-mentioned technologies, especially the CMS, within the next 3 years.

The contractor will be requested to provide any of the tasks below, under the supervision and guidance of the Agency:

  • Design new webpages or sections;
  • Design web interfaces to support particular promotion campaigns;
  • Create applications, databases, scripts, models, templates, style sheets, forms and interfaces using HTML, XML, .NET and other relevant languages;
  • Develop interactive features, forms, online consultations, online surveys, polling, chats, discussion boards, shopping cart systems and integrating live feed tools such as periscope.
  • Develop and provide the source code, database structure and all necessary documentation (requirements analysis, procedures, project plans, etc.);
  • Develop information dissemination (newsletters/RSS);
  • Develop custom functionalities to compliment EDA’s Content Management System “Sitefinity” such as new modules or widgets;
  • Provide deliverables adhering to usability standards catering for accessibility, tested on various browsers and operating systems including mobile devices;
  • Gather, prepare and optimise content to be used online applying compression techniques where necessary (including format conversion, digitization of texts and images) and production and digitization of sound documents and clips;
  • Troubleshooting, including in particular (non-exhaustive):

o Service interruptions

o Broken links or other page errors

  • Dedicated email campaigns management / Creation of newsletters (layout);
  • Improve the website’s search function and Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Maintain and optimize EDA’s search page and its usability;
  • Provide User Experience (UX) optimization (visual hierarchy, navigability, consistency, interface optimization, etc);
  • Provide advice on new developments in the field. Proactive monitoring: keeping an eye on the website’s look and feel and main functionalities, anticipating new opportunities and recommending improvements at all levels to better promote the Agency’s online visibility and reputation.

Lot 2: Media and Communication Support

The EDA Media & Communication Unit is looking for a Contractor to provide support in a wide range of media and communication disciplines, ranging from video & multimedia support, to social media, publications and promotional materials, to event support. An indicative list of services required can be found here below. In 2017, the Media & Communication Unit spent around €250 000 on media & communication activities.

Video & multimedia support:

The Agency regularly promotes its work, results and projects via dynamic video clips and multimedia animations. Existing examples are available on EDA’s YouTube channel3. Videos are increasingly prime contents on social media, as such EDA is interested in producing short and 3 captioned videos to promote its various programmes, projects, and flagship events to both specialised and generalist target groups.

Services required:

  • Provide proactive consultancy on new trends in video production, with targeted recommendations for EDA;
  • Develop concepts, ideas, scripts and storylines for audio-visual productions to imaginatively and effectively describe the work of EDA, of individual programmes and flagship events;
  • Production of video, animated clips, animated banners, animated presentations, teasers, screencasts, including among others:

o Multilingual and/or captioned versions,

o Provision of B-roll and raw material upon request,

o Copyright clearance.

  • Video, audio and photo coverage of flagship events, e.g. EDA annual conference, in Brussels or elsewhere, possibly including web-streaming, with production of final promotional clips;
  • Production of animated graphics on specific projects;
  • Production of video infographics using data visualisation techniques (targeted for social media advertising).

Social media:

EDA uses different social media platforms to further raise awareness on its work. The main platforms used are Twitter and LinkedIn as well as YouTube and Flickr to a lesser extent.

Services required:

– Produce and edit content (posts, videos, infographics, animations, GIFs, etc.) for use on EDA social media platforms;

– Develop and support social media campaigns for events, achievements, anniversaries, etc., across all EDA social media platforms;

– Review EDA social media policy if needed and proactively advice EDA Media & Communication Unit on new developments on different social media platforms, including through tailor-made trainings;

– Provide monitor, tracking and evaluation of EDA social media performance including suggestions for improvement.


EDA regularly produces a variety of publications, to be distributed to EDA’s target audiences. The Contractor will be responsible for the design, production and delivery of various types of publications, which can include leaflets, annual reports, project-specific brochures, factsheets, and our in-house magazine.

EDA expects to receive creative and innovative proposals for the design and production of publications which thematically fit the Agency’s scope of work and in line with its graphic chart that can be downloaded from the following web address:

The Contractor should be capable of proposing and producing publications to the quality standards of the Agency, among others in terms of design and aesthetics, materials, originality and practicality.

Services required:

  • Review & update of the current graphic chart adding new guidelines for a number of formats or sections;
  • Graphic design and layout of materials including invitations, annual reports, brochures, magazines, leaflets, exhibition stands, internet banners, conference programmes, posters, flyers, roll-up banners i.e.;
  • Creating illustrations, infographics;
  • Finding, purchasing and adapting royalty-free images as requested;
  • Printing of above-listed publications. All print material shall meet high quality standards, including, among others environmental and sustainability criteria, colour and font matching, and clear and legible proofs. The tenderer shall possess the ability to digitally edit files for maximum quality and resolution, as well as simulation software to submit proofs for the Agency’s approval before proceeding to printing. The tenderer may also be requested to submit samples of the printable material (paper in different qualities and colours, textile etc.) before production, in order for the Agency to choose the most suitable;
  • Mail and dispatching (printing of labels, dispatching publicity material and invitations);
  • Information gathering, content editing/copywriting, translation;
  • Database management for postal distribution.

Promotional materials:

EDA expects to receive creative and innovative proposals for the production and delivery of promotional goods, which thematically fit the Agency’s scope of work: defence. The Contractor should be capable of proposing and producing materials to the quality standards of the Agency, among others in terms of design and aesthetics,                                          materials, originality, practicality, sustainability and environmental standards. The contractor must fully respect EDA’s graphic chart.

Services required:

  • Proposing and producing branded material promotional items for distribution to internal and external target groups.

Event support:

The Agency requires support in an average of ten events, conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions, trade fairs throughout the year, in Brussels and abroad. The largest yearly event is the Agency’s annual conference.

The Contractor may be requested to deliver only a part of the event organisation, e.g. catering, location scouting, etc. or in rare cases the organisation of an event as a whole.

Services required

  • Event concept and planning in cooperation with EDA;
  • Identifying and renting suitable event venues;
  • Provision and overall management event services, including but not limited to:

o Dedicated on-site support staff with proven experience (hostesses, cloakroom attendants, waiters, etc);

o Online registration support (management & process automation);

o Catering services (coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, receptions) outside EDA premises including provision of equipment and personnel;

o Renting of furniture (chairs, stage, speaker chairs, lectern) and audio-visual equipment (e.g. sounding, recording, beamers, lighting, music, IT equipment, etc.);

o Travel and accommodation arrangements for guests, speakers, moderators, participants where necessary, including shuttle services for guests, participants and speakers;

o Translation and interpretation services.

Due Date:

August 22nd


Agencies to consider for this assignment include APCO Worldwide and Zeno Group.

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