EvolveMKD: Growing into An Award-Winning Agency

Megan Driscoll, CEO, and founder of EvolveMKD created the award-winning agency in 2014. Since then, Driscoll has grown the New York-based agency into a tight-knit collection of data analysts, digital strategists, storytellers, media hounds, brand builders, and collaborators.

Through an exceptional culture and work environment, EvolveMKD fosters curiosity and creativity while offering perks that reward passion and stirs new ways of thinking.

Leveraging on its unique capabilities, Driscoll’s agency offers an array of services, has run some winning campaigns and has been feted for various accomplishments. Each of these attributes is spotlighted below.

Key Services

#1. Measurement & Analytics

EvolveMKD’s measurement and analytics services assess important brand metrics, guaranteeing a continued improvement in its client’s bottom lines.

The service employs cutting-edge techniques like competitive analytics, narrative and messaging testing, custom surveys, assessing audience insights, segmenting audiences, social listening, and monitoring.

#2. Influencer Relations

Relationships with key industry players is an important cog geared towards long-term success. EvolveMKD’s influencer relations service employs effective relationship management strategies, organic product seeding approaches, and proactive campaign activation strategies to guarantee success.

#3. Brand Caretaking

EvolveMKD’s brand caretaking service seeks valuable brand and industry insights to enhance its client’s branding strategies.

Driscoll’s team’s key strategies include compliance and regulations to ensure compliance with industry guidelines, brand positioning to tailor client identities and stories, and reputation management through c-suite messaging.

#4. Public Relations

Through a customized approach, EvolveMKD’s service leverages the firm’s deep relations, while staying abreast with current events, to achieve unmatched coverage, credentials, and content.

The firm’s PR service specializes in launches, media/industry relations, thought leadership, spokespeople amplifications, pre-market priming, and experiential activations.

#5. Digital & Social Media Service

EvolveMKDs digital and social media service matches the stature of an in-house social media agency. Through content development, unique social media strategies, social media ads, digital advertising, channel management, and partnerships, brands reap the benefits of an effective social media approach.

Notable Campaign & Results

#1. Miradry Influencer Campaign

Challenged to develop a strategy that would educate consumers about Miradry’s treatment, enable the lead generation and build brand awareness through influencers, EvolveMKD’s team leveraged YouTube influencers to position brands as a go-to product for young professionals.

Publishing well-thought educational content through influencers’ YouTube & Instagram channels, the campaign collected leads by offering free consultations.

The results: the campaign garnered more than 2.3 million impressions, more than 543,700 minutes of watch time, and more than 70 qualified leads. The sign-ups had a potential of $140,000 if the leads converted.

What’s more, the campaign increased site traffic. Click-through rates increased to 5%, and there was a spike in new visitors to miraDry’s website—that is, 95.7% of the new web traffic was from new visitors.

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