Fanatic Followings with Agency Entourage

Fanatic Followings with Agency Entourage

Think like partners, act like entrepreneurs, care about results- that’s the Agency Entourage calling. 

Entrepreneurship. The term has become a catch-all buzzword in recent years, used to describe a host of activities- from cryptocurrency mining in your parent’s basement, to the inheriting of a branding empire by the youngest Kardashian. Amid the noise, one media agency is pursuing real dynamism: Agency Entourage, one of America’s fastest growing private firms.

The company, founded in 2009, has gone from strength to strength since it first opened its doors to offer creative design and on-the-ground marketing services, from campaign development and planning, web design and branded entertainment to analytics, data visualization and public relations consulting services. In 2014, Agency Entourage acquired Irving-based advertising agency Numantra, upgrading from a 7,000-square-foot space in Alto to a 26,000-square-foot office in downtown Dallas.

“The acquisition helped a little,” said CEO Ben Randolph of the move, hailing the chance to cross-pollinate customers during the integration, “we expect to be double our size in two years.” Randolph has good reason to be optimistic: the company reached $2.5 million in annual revenue within the first five years of operation, doubling its team to 30. Most recent figures put the firm’s three year growth at 307%.

Indeed, whatever the entrepreneurs at Agency Entourage are doing, it must be working. The firm now boasts of a high-profile and diversified clientele, with names like The Retail Connection, eClinical Solutions, Christian Brothers Automotive and TIGI Professional their runsheet. A campaign for public health organisation re:solve saw their social media engagement increase by more than 10,000 followers and viewers.

With a bright future, it’s no surprise then that the team is growing- and not in silos. Agency Entourage boasts of a well integrated team of creative thinkers and the backstage backbone of the company; web developers are expected to work with account supervisors, who are expected to work with graphic designers. With an open office floor plan, inspiration and a group-wide entrepreneurial focus is surely inevitable.

If you needed further proof, look no further: Agency Entourage is the five time winner of the DFW AMA Marketer of the Year Award, three time finalist of the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award, six time winner of the Addy American Advertising Awards; the firm also holds the title of Google All-Star Agency, and secured a Healthcare Marketing Impact Print Campaign of the Year award.

Agency Entourage has offices in Dallas, Texas.

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