FHI 360 Seeks Marketing Agency

FHI 360 Seeks Marketing Agency


GRS seeks a CRO Marketing Agency with expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical trials to provide analysis and strategic insights for promoting brand awareness. The consultant will research information and provide strategies for communicating through external channels.


FHI 360’s Global Research Services (GRS) helps support and conduct clinical research in low-resource settings around the world. Our team includes clinical project managers, clinical research associates, research assistants, laboratory technologists, laboratory auditors, document specialists and instructional designers.

With culturally sensitive and multilingual employees in the United States, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, GRS offers the following services to government and private sponsors:

  • Project management
  • Protection of participants’ safety and rights
  • Site identification, evaluation and development
  • Site monitoring, management and training
  • Research operations
  • Laboratory capacity building, auditing, and training
  • Logistical support

Scope of Work:

  • Work to provide strategic positioning and communication expertise that drives business development
  • Apply CRO marketing skills and principles for promoting non-profit work
  • Research industry data: markets, demographics, trends, sales results
  • Complete analysis of competitors’ promotional materials
  • Provide detailed reports, written documents and verbal presentations detailing communication plan and strategies Consultant Solicitation Rev. 2/28/2018
  • Recommend specific approaches and budgets to achieve the desired sales goals
  • Identify a tiered approach to implementing a communications plan over three years
  • Facilitate and guide team discussions on messaging
  • Work within a budget to produce effective promotional materials
  • Track sales and feedback and adjust strategies as necessary
  • Facilitate development of metrics to help GRS evaluate performance over time

Due Date:

April 25th




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