First Nations Health Authority Issues Creative RFP For Cannabis Health Campaign

First Nations Health Authority Issues Creative RFP For Cannabis Health Campaign


The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) requires the services of a creative agency and/or team to deliver an awareness building and behaviour change campaign around non-medical use of cannabis in a non-judgmental way intended for First Nations individuals, their families and friends.


The FNHA is the first province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. FNHA aims to reform the way health care is delivered to BC First Nations and help improve health and wellbeing. This FNHA has taken over the administration of federal health programs and services previously delivered by Health Canada’s First Nations Inuit Health Branch – Pacific Region. FNHA has a broad mandate to work with the province and First Nations to improve health services and address service gaps through new partnerships, closer collaboration, and health systems innovation.

In preparation of the federal legalization of non-medical cannabis in August 2018, First Nations Health Authority is preparing a public information campaign about health impacts and opportunities including minimizing harms associated with cannabis, impaired driving, and youth mental health and cannabis. The FNHA’s goal is to provide culturally safe and relevant education and resources around cannabis and to reduce the negative impacts to health and well-being for First Nations and Indigenous people in BC. FNHA is currently in-market with an opinion poll on Cannabis and health impacts which will support evidence-based campaign design and delivery.

FNHA prioritizes the overall health and safety of BC First Nations through adopting a harm reduction approach that supports the best health outcomes related to the legalization of Cannabis.

Scope of Work:


The culturally safe public awareness campaign will focus on the following themes:

  • Reduce extreme or harmful use of cannabis;
  • Promote a culture of responsible choice and use – including safe driving, injury prevention, safe storage of cannabis and environmental health concerns;
  • Promote a culture of harm reduction for cannabis use among youth with an emphasis on mental health and wellness; and
  • Educating pregnant women and their families about health impacts of cannabis, including concerns around second-hand smoke.


The FNHA requires the following deliverables:

  • Engage with FNHA Communications to collect relevant background and planning materials;
  • Conduct an environmental scan and gap analysis of public education efforts of partner agencies and government;
  • Attend Indigenous public consultations on Cannabis (listening sessions);
  • Deliver a key messaging workshop with senior public health officials;
  • Prepare/deliver key messaging workshop and/or internal communications for FNHA staff so that they are briefed and well-prepared for conversations with family and friends “back home”;
  • Strategic counsel and development of campaign brand, associated taglines and corresponding visual elements;
  • Creative development and production of paid media components, possibly including an ad for broadcast and pre-roll; print ads, radio ads, digital ads and collateral material;
  • Advise/support the FNHA media buy;
  • Advise/support on FNHA social media strategy to successfully find champions to communicate our message to their social networks;
  • Develop web architecture including content development, link building to partner websites, may include user experience testing;

Due Date:

May 24th


Among the agencies skilled in cannabis public relations is NYC based 5WPR which works extensively in the arena.

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