Five Frogs Issues RFP For Logo, Branding & Website

Five Frogs Issues RFP For Logo, Branding & Website

Five Frogs, Inc., a new Connecticut nonprofit working to develop a powerful movement of leaders, seeks proposals from PR professionals to help the organization establish its brand and website.

Project Goals:

1. Create a logo and brand for Five Frogs, Inc., in alignment with current LDR branding.

2. Develop a website to serve as a resource for all Five Frogs, Inc. recruitment, communications, programming and the network.


The organization was recently established to serve as a hub for leadership development supports. Its flagship program, established in 2008, is Leadership Development Roundtable (LOR). Now, Five Frogs is poised to grow additional programs in service to its broader mission. Vision: Connecticut is stronger and more equitable as a result of effective, diverse social impact leaders working together across boundaries of difference to solve complex social problems and strengthen communities.

Mission: Five Frogs, Inc. is building a powerful movement of diverse leaders with the competencies, mindset, drive and relationships necessary to create lasting, positive change for an equitable Connecticut. We provide individual and group support, helping leaders maximize strengths, learn from experience and leverage the power of inclusive networks. Five Frogs, Inc. by contract also operates The ZOOM Foundation’s Fellowship Alumni Program. A small amount of activity for LOR Alumni programming is also managed. It is expected that these programs and others will be built out in the coming years.

The real value, and something that the organization wants to do more with, is the network. This includes more than 250 LOR alumni, 18 ZOOM Fellowship alumni and hundreds of friends. A brand and new website must include the future potential needs of this growing base of leaders.

Scope of Work:

Project Deliverables and Specifications

1. Logo for Five Frogs, Inc. – one program (LOR) has a logo and we would want to create a logo and associated branding materials (PowerPoint template, letterhead, etc) complementary to the LOR logo

2. Style guide for Five Frogs, Inc. – we have a style guide for LOR.

3. Website design and creation

Due Date:

April 26th, 2019.


Hunter PR and M Booth PR are relevant agencies to consider.

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