Five Tech Trends To Watch

It goes without saying that the ties between the internet and commercial success for any business are almost irreversibly woven, and become closer by the week. To make sure you’re getting your share of the pie, it is essential that you stay up to date with the rapidly evolving world of commercial tech.

Here’s five trends to keep an eye on this year:

Optimised voice search

Typing is so, like, yesterday. More and more people are skipping out on typing their queries into the Google search box, instead opting to have voice assistants like Siri or Alexa cover the hard yards instead. How does this affect your business?

Social Media Marketing

The easiest way to market your business is, increasingly, the domain of social media. Thanks to a growing number of social media platforms, the ability to engage with potential customers and sell to them directly seems to be increasing exponentially. You should strive to build your social media channels early enough so as to allow for potential clients to engage with you there from the outset. The most common and influential social media platforms at present are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Find the channel, or channels, that best suit your business and attract the right customers. While building a following might take some time, this is still one of the cheapest forms of marketing for your business.

Cloud Integration

Cloud computer integration offers businesses a convenient way of storing their files and leveraging external resources among other needs. This is why cloud computing has become a necessity with each passing year. In the near future, companies and businesses will entirely opt for cloud integration.

Don’t neglect to consider how cloud computing can increase profitability and productivity for your business: securing important documents, automated data backups, scale development and online software are there for the taking. 

Messenger Chatbots

The use of chatbots by businesses is growing rapidly, with predictions that almost 80% of business will be using the technology by 2020. Chatbots provide an easier means of communicating with your customers, and can handle multiple conversations with multiple customers in real time. The days of being left on hold, or waiting 24 hours for a reply to a sales inquiry, are over.

Digital Currencies and Blockchain

No list on technology trends would be complete without at least a mention of the crypto-world. Still, while this area remains complex, its implications for business are evolving by the day; it pays to put in the hard yards toward understanding what blockchain can offer your business.

Blockchains are, essentially, decentralised e-ledgers. Reliable and with no third party transaction fees, they are secure for use by an unlimited range of firms. 2019 looks to be a big year for technology, so stay ahead of your competitors by embracing this ever-evolving wealth of business tools as they arise.

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