Flackable PR: Agency Profile

Founded in 2014, Flackable began its operation as a niche agency targeting wealth management firms within the United States. Leveraging Brian Hart’s (the founder’s) extensive public relations knowledge, Flackable has expanded its operations to deliver unmatched results in the professional and financial services sector.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, works with growth-driven brands to reach previously unseen authority, influence, and credibility levels through an integrated and highly-innovative PR approach. Leveraging existing and extensive media relations, Flackable has mastered the art of systematically and strategically integrating its PR knowledge to help brands produce outstanding results.

Flackable’s unique services, notable campaigns, and key awards spotlight the agency’s unique value proposition. Hence highlighting the agency’s aspects is key to unraveling how the agency brings unmatched transparency, clarity, and accountability.

Key Services

#1. Public Relations

Hart’s diverse team helps clients share their insights and stories through a wide network of influencers and top media outlets. Through innovative PR approaches, Flackable’s team guarantees clients third-party credibility with exceptionally targeted exposure that provides growth opportunities and beats the competition.

Thanks to Flackable’s extensive knowledge and expertise in PR, brands that partner with the award-winning agency easily generate the attention they deserve. Whether entering new markets or launching new products, or building executive credibility, partnering with Flackable puts a brand on a highway to success.

#2. Content Development

With storytelling becoming an important marketing and communication tool, brands should place more emphasis on producing highly captivating yet informative content. While content creation is vital, not all organizations have the expertise to create amazing content on a regular basis.

Leveraging Flackable PR’s expertise in content development and marketing differentiates a brand from its competition while identifying key opportunities that brands can exploit to attract, engage, convert, and retain their customers.

Through Flackable’s detailed and system-oriented content marketing strategy, brands can use informative content to promote thought leadership and address issues that impact their markets.

#3: Social Media

As social media becomes a must-have when glowing engaged brands, brands have to create a system that maintains a steady presence on social media. With Flackable’s expertise in social media, brands can create and nurture new relationships through increased visibility and influence that accompanies well-managed social media accounts.

Through appropriate schedules that keep businesses engaging and active, Flackable’s social media service enables brands to deliver content that captures their passions, personalities, and culture. Such an approach helps brands connect with highly targeted audiences.

#4. Digital Strategy

Flackable’s digital marketing service places importance on assessing online reputations and search engine optimization to give an honest outlook of how and when to achieve measurable and impactful digital marketing goals.

Through Flackable’s expertise, brands can employ online reputation management and search engine optimization to unlock new opportunities and beat the competition in the online space.

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