FlatRate Moving: Genius Marketers

FlatRate Moving: Genius Marketers

For over 25 years, FlatRate Moving has been running high-caliber moves for people all around the world. Be it local or long distance, urgent or gradual, each move under FlatRate’s care s a straightforward and well-planned task. From top to bottom, Flatrate excels in getting your goods where they need to go and when they need to get there without its customers having to worry about it.


FlatRate Moving offers local, long distance, and international moving, and additionally supplies prime storage options. With global agents and partners as well as major branches in New York City, London, and Singapore, FlatRate is equipped to manage jobs from just about any place in the world.

As experts in their field, FlatRate employees consider all relevant factors in the move and are capable of handling any potential complications. They gather exact inventories, coordinate the best routes based on traffic patterns, and keep safe every possession and building involved. For international moves, FlatRate is well-versed in changing regulations and customs and maintains excellent standing with the IAM (International Association of Movers).

Office and business moves are the bread and butter of FlatRate Moving. Due to their specialized services and expertise in logistics and packing, FlatRate can seamlessly run commercial and retail moves wherever they may need to go. Relocating a corporation is one of many moving packages available to its clients.

Professional Experience

What stands out with Flatrate Moving is their dedication to high quality service. The company’s aim extends beyond simply getting goods from one place to the next, and focuses instead on providing a safe, comfortable, and stress-free experience. Smart, efficient, and well-designed moving with FlatRate empowers anyone to move with peace of mind.

The moving team at FlatRate utilizes the newest technology and its state-of-the-art dispatch center to provide a top-notch experience every time. It also has a specially trained Elite Moving Service geared toward protecting precious items, such as heirlooms, art pieces, and prized antiques. Large, bulky furniture and delicate glasses require the kind of meticulous attention that FlatRate consistently delivers.

Honest Pricing

FlatRate presents an all-inclusive flat rate (hence the company’s name) that remains unaffected by external complications. Customers are informed of the precise cost of the entire move after gathering details and inventory. FlatRate prides itself on full disclosure pricing: Clients are presented with no hidden charges, additional fees, or unaccounted costs.

Customized Service

Custom-built crates, cleaning services, TV or sound system installation, and individualized packing are all considerations that FlatRate is eager to manage along with the move. The unique Customized Move Plan takes into account such details as parking, elevator access, and temporary storage, just to name a few. FlatRate leaves nothing unplanned and quite nearly does it all when it comes to moving in order to produce the ultimate hands-free moving experience for each one of its customers.

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