Flint, Michigan School Districts Are Looking To Hire Public Relations Agency

Flint community schools

In the midst of a major national disaster involving water in Flint, Michigan, the Flint Community Schools District has issued an RFP seeking a Public Relations agency.  One can only imagine the many issues this firm will need to handle.

Among the specified responsibilities in the RFP are to:

  • Direct special events or projects
  • Develop and implement the District’s strategic plan for community relations, internal communication systems, families and community engagement, and manage the District’s strategic plan for communications / public relations.
  • Work closely with the Superintendent or Designee, in the planning and distribution of information to the District Board of Education, District administrators, employees, the public and media regarding the District programs, policies, events, efforts and related District information.
  • Manage and direct public information relative to new or developing programs; write or review articles and statements; advise District administrators and other personnel on public relations aspects of such programs.
  • Design flyers, notices, newsletters, and other publications.
  • Assure accurate and timely dissemination of information
  • Design and maintain information on the official district website with updates and new information
  • Develop and establish means of communication with District employees;  prepare and distribute newsletters  related to a variety of District-related matters. Develop, implement and maintain district communications venues. (Currently: Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
  • Create and launch press releases and marketing campaigns. Contact members of the media.
  • Ensure positive exposure for Flint Community Schools on print media, radio, TV, or the Internet. Ensure that all opportunities for the Superintendent, staff or Board members are fully vetted. Advise the Superintendent, staff, Board members, administrators and department heads, as directed, regarding critical issues with potential media implications; provide communication strategies for handling sensitive issues.
  • Seek out and develop partnerships with community agencies, public officials and  the  business community in support of public education.
  • Direct and manage community outreach efforts and provide for informational bulletins and messages in different languages.

Proposals are due by March 4, 2016 and should be submitted to:

Amanda Senko, Deputy Chief Financial Officer Flint Community Schools

923 E. Kearsley Flint

Michigan 48503

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