Florida College Issues Marketing RFP

Pensacola State College

Pensacola State College in Florida has issued an advertising & marketing RFP for an agency able to help increase the college’s brand recognition.

The assignment Includes:

  • Image assessment and enhancement, brand promise clarification and effective communication of coordinated, consistent brand execution messages.
  • Development of strategic plans for media advertising and placement to effectively reach target audiences and allocate limited advertising funds, with regular follow-up assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of these plans.
  • Development, production and placement of innovative, effective advertisements (print, broadcast and digital media) and/or collateral pieces that accomplish marketing goals.
  • Consultation in marketing and communications—utilizing research data, maximizing budgets, improving recruitment and advertising strategies, exploring different and creative media options and exploring new corporate and public partnerships for joint promotion.

The purpose of the advertising project is to work closely with the College to develop an integrated marketing plan to position the College as the institution of first choice for target audiences and their influencers and as an educational leader in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. Components of this plan include clarifying brand promise, determining appropriate marketing messages, developing advertising concepts and ad purchasing mix and developing and/or enhancing marketing materials, in order to:

  • Draw  community,  regional,  state  and  national  recognition  for  Pensacola  State  College  educational programs.
  • Attract  and  recruit  students  to  sustain  appropriate  increases  in  enrollment  to  serve  our  diverse community’s educational needs.
  • Raise awareness and encourage greater engagement from alumni, friends, foundations, corporations and government agencies that might financially support College programs.

Proposals are due by February 10 to:

Cassie Boatwright

Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services

1000 College Blvd.

Pensacola, FL 32504

No word yet if major Florida Ad & PR Agency Zimmerman Agency plans to compete.

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